In Marvel, let's see how it goes
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In Marvel, let's see how it goes


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What is In Marvel, let's see how it goes

Read In Marvel, let's see how it goes novel written by the author PowerStorm on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, marvel, dc. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Smart MC, does whatever it takes. Name: Vinal M William Mental age: 34 Physical age: 15 Backstory: He was a scientist in his past life. Who was always a  fan of marvel cause of there technology and futuristic thinking. So, he wanted that technology to be real. So, he tried to create them himself. And he succeeded making a few, using three-3d printers and sold them for a reasonable price making him some money. Another thing about vinal is that he liked to research blueprints from marvel. But he made a mistake once trying to make the super soldier serum. And when it was to late. He knew messed up....


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trash just trash


I love the plot and the story you are getting too. But in my own personal opinion the background indicator to development. It's kind of stiff to be honest we all focus on the MC but no other mentions of the other pother paws of point of view's of views of the other Marvel characters. And by that being said I have a little bit itching is to say Is the story going too fast the main fanfiction of your story not focusing enough on the details of the story and making the beginning a little confusing because of the details you gave what the story began above. In simple terms the main character does not have a main goal. The plot is confusing because we only see the main character's point of view not others like bodusa or Lucia or The Avengers about something growing in simple terms doesn't have that much detail detail or anything about the emotions of the characters happening in their own world and that is wanted to tell you about it. So yeah that's what I wanted to say to you for why English toy much more better yeah.


The general idea is great but the story is not developed enough, everything is going too fast and it spoils the narration. It leaves me on an unfulfilled hunger. I hope history will be rewritten someday . I can't wait to read more 💙


Normally, it is an Honor and a Shame to give myself a Rating, but I will do it, for myself, and for all those other authors who do too[img=recommend][img=exp][img=exp]


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