1 Captin Americas ex

I was waiting in the car as my best friend Luca climbed in with her brother and my ex Steve to follow behind. I watch Luca tell the taxi driver my address and fasten my seat belt, it had been a week since Steve and I had broken up. I looked out  the window trying to avoid any conversation Luca wanted start, the air was becoming tense and I could feel small beads of sweat forming on my forehead.

"So Paige how is your internship?" I turn my gaze from the window and over to Luca.

I try shutting the conversation down with a short answer. "Fine I guess."

Luca rolls her eyes and gives up on starting any conversation, finally we arrive at my house. I can see the warm glow of my outside lights revealing  my bright red door. I pay the nice taxi driver and get out of the car, that's when I hear a voice yell out Steve. I turn to see Bucky, Steve's best friend run over.

I look over at Luca giving her a cheeky grin hinting her that now's her chance, Luca has had a crush on Bucky since 4th year and being the shy girl she is has never asked him out. When Bucky gets to us he immediately starts a conversation with Steve, I think about leaving and just heading to my house but I decide that Luca needs me, being the nervous wreck she is.

She mouths hey and adds a wave to try and get Bucky's attention, Bucky smiles and throws a wave back at her.

"Hey Luca," he says. I watch as red begins to rush to her cheeks and she shyly tucks a strand of her light blond hair behind her ear, revealing her sparkly sky blue eyes and replies, "hey." I begin laughing, even though she has know him for years she can't even say hi without giggling or squeaking. I turn to Luca humour in my eyes. "Hey", I make a goofy face and crack my voice mimicking Luca. She frowns and cross my arms.

"You should talk to him," I offer. She shakes her head.

"No way," she snaps back. "He doesn't want to talk to me." I cross my arms wondering why I even bother sometimes. I can see Steve taping Luca on her shoulder.

"Ready to go?" he asks. I am about to hug Luca goodbye hoping that God would be kind and give her some other chance to ask when suddenly Bucky turns to me smiling.

"I was wondering if you were free tonight Paige?" he asks. I am surprised at first and am about to except, needing something to take my mind off the brake up, when I can see the disappointment painted clearly across Lucas' face. I smile realising that this was my chance to set them up.

"Sorry Bucky, but I'm busy tonight," I say. "But Luca is free. I'm she would sure love to join you." I watch amused as Lucas' head snaps towards us. She looks at me showing how thankful she is with only her eyes.

"Would you wanna do something tonight?" Bucky asks. "I have two tickets to the theatre and I need someone to go with." I watch anxiously to see how Luca would react, she nervously looks at him with pink spread across her face.

"S-sure," she stammers. I nearly burst out laughing but contain my urge to mimic her goofy answer. 

"I'll pick up at 7 then?" she smiles and looks at me. I move my hands to say go for it.

"Sounds good," she says.

"You know as much fun as it is standing here awkwardly I am going to head inside."

Bucky gives one last smile towards Luca then walks off. Luca turns to me and gives me the biggest grin she has ever worn. I then squeals and hug her, so glad that finally she had a date. I am about to hug Steve when I realise our current situation, I turn my gaze away from Steve to Luca again, "see ya."

Steve wraps his arm around her and heads back to the taxi. "Let's go Luca," he says. She smile and waves goodbye to me.

I make my way to my house turning off the outside lights on the way in, I then make my way over to the fridge and grab so old leftovers. I put them in the microwave and wait, as I hop from one foot to the other trying to feed my boredom I notice a picture behind the microwave. I pull it out the find a cute happy couple sitting peacefully, surrounded by flowers and 

each others arms.

At times I missed being able to come home, snuggle up close to someone and share all your thoughts with no judgement. I missed being able to feel someone's touch and every worry in the world would slowly wash away. I continued to watch the microwave spin my food in a circle and place the photo back behind the microwave where it would stay forever. I sigh, regretting the day I said the two words that changed everything. Goodbye Steve.

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