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She is chosy type woman. At the age of 25, no one has ever kissed her red lips. But she was dared to be kissed by the rich and arrogant Gregor. And who have thought that Gregor's kiss gave them a connection to each other.

Charlene will try not to let her heart remember that kind of feelings. She has something important to prioritize. Charlene is a strong and courageous woman. She knew Gregor was the key to the truth she wanted to know. But her heart is very fragile.

How can she forget a sweet kiss from her most annoyed person? And what happened to his older brother Dexter who went blind. Charlene almost cursed Gregor's arrogance. The state of Gregor's entire clan in high society. The complex dispute of their clan, which will never be erased from the memory of the Hizan family. And Gregor's yesterday and his arrogance all of that are aspects she doesn't like in a man.

How long will she stop herself from falling in love with the person who is not suitable for her?

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