1 A gloomy day -Aron-

I was laying face first into the mud. "how did you get there?" you might be asking. well, i'll tell you my confused friend.

It was a cloudy day and I could smell the rain coming I had a hard day I work and all I wanted to do was get home. I was walking a bit fast trying to get home before the rain started since I didn't bring a umbrella and wasn't very fond of the idea of getting rained on.

As seconds turned into minutes I slowly began up the root of my street and soon enough my house came into veiw. At this point I was in a full on sprint trying my best to get there since it already started raining, but suddenly I slipped into the mud landing face first into a puddle.

And there I am laying in the mud completely given up on my day thinking it couldn't possibly get worse then this. I stood up wiping off most of the mud on my face and walking the rest of the way to my house.

I enter my house putting my coat on the rack and going to the bathroom to shower. Start the shower taking off my clothes and getting into the shower to wash the mud off.

I was a few minutes into my shower until I hear something moving outside the bathroom, but I had a cat at the time, and she usually runs around crazy making some noise so I figured it had to be her. Times passes and I get out of the shower getting dressed and exiting the bathroom.

But something was off I could sense it, and I jumped when I heard a thud coming from my room. I slowly walk up to my bedroom door ready to fight whoever is on the other side.

I slowly open the door and sitting on my bed was a chubby girl chewing on something.

I let out I sigh of relief realizing is was only Pent.