In Love With A Billionaire Book

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In Love With A Billionaire


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"I-I have to go..."I stuttured. "No you don't, you know how much you mean to me Bri how can I let you go?" He looked at me pleadingly with those beautiful orbs which always got me mesmerized "I don't trust anyone after what Jax did, I-I can't trust you Heinrich, I am scared" I replied not totally believing what I just said. I start to turn around to exit the room but he grabs my wrist suddenly as he pulls me flush against him. You are the only girl I have and will ever love,you make me feel things I have never felt before,i am incomplete without you Bri and I love you more than you could ever imagine,I am not and will never be like Jax. He states in a rush which leaves him breathless. I gaze at him unable to utter a single word. There was so much sincerity in his tone and I can't deny it. My eyes wander to his lips and in a swift motion I crash my lips against his. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enjoy the journey of love,drama, and lust and let's not forget the cringe with Brianna as she goes through a heartbreak, she finds a hot billionaire and the magic begins