1 Prologue

"She's their hearts in human form," He choked out. "All the love and kindness from her mother."

Behind him spoke out another male voice, "All the rage and mania from our father."

"The good always outweighed the bad," He attempted to keep his voice light and constant, "no matter what. The good is always supposed to outweigh the bad!" He sobbed, clenching his jaw.

Zayn slammed his hands on the glass table and with a bang threw the picture crystal frames, "Why didn't the good outweigh the bad! I was there- the entire time," He shouted, "I saw her- I saw how she felt. She couldn't have 'faked' that!"

Alejandra shook her head, "What she did… the plan she tried to execute- it was out of line! Actions have consequences; she should've," Zayn interrupted her.

"Are you seriously saying that?! 'Out of line'?"

"She betrayed our father-" Zayn laughed sarcastically once again interrupting her.

He walked out of the office, everyone following after him into the living room.

Alejandra called him out, seeing him searching through her purse, "What are you doing?!"

"Your father," He pulled out a small rectangle photo of Hernan and glared harshly at Alejandra.

"This man- ruined her!" He screamed in a deep voice, "He traumatized her for fifth teen years of her life, since the day she was born! She never had a chance!" Tears spilled down both their faces, one out of anger and the other out of sadness.

He threw the photo in the fire, "Because of that trauma… she confused love and trust with naiveté."

As a child, I was forced to sit in silent tears without any type of support system. At least that's what I believed.

Zayn believed that as well but confused the real reason behind it, he blamed my father. Whereas my sister blamed me.

Neither of them was quite spot on. For the most part, what I did was out of free will and motivated by both of my parents. But the greater education nobody accounted for… the true reason behind my 'madness' is beyond any human understanding. I realized this as my skin turned into a gold shimmer and my surroundings fainted off into nothingness.

In front of me appeared a long crystalized bridge. At the front, a white horse came to sight, tied to a white blossom tree branch.

I took in my strange surroundings, everything started making sense. The family history, the names, the kidnapping, my unrecognizable DNA… Zayn; my unconditional love for Zayn made sense.

Every piece fell into place. I walked toward the horse but froze in position as I laid my eyes upon my old home. Home. This was home.

I was home.

The river under the bridge leads down to the waterfall I played in as a child. After nearly 3.3 billion years I could still hear the fresh waters crashing against the cliffs as if it were a fresh memory; as if I had never been thrown out.

I hopped on the horse and raced down the hill until I reached the waterfall. My heart nearly jumped out of my rib cage, my heartbeat was fast-paced. The adrenaline felt everlasting; it never burned out of my system.

I screamed with joy, looking at the horizon.

"Angelica?" A deep male voice spoke behind me spoke.

I turned my horse and was faced with a deadman. I pulled out my sword and hopped off quickly

"I'm back to where it all started," A smirk rose on my face.

I stood on the land where I was birthed, Naiveté.