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In Human Form


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"She's their hearts in human form," He choked out. "All the love and kindness from her mother." Behind him spoke out another male voice, "All the rage and mania from our father." "The good always outweighed the bad," He attempted to keep her voice light and constant, "no matter what. The good is always supposed to outweigh the bad!" He sobbed, clenching his jaw. Zayn slammed his hands on the glass table and with a bang threw the picture crystal frames, "Why didn't the good outweigh the bad! I was there- the entire time," He shouted, "I saw her- I saw how she felt. She couldn't have 'faked' that!" ... Hello, to whoever is reading this. I've had an idea for a 'book' for a while and I finally decided to start publishing it here on Webnovel. The male lead is played by Zayn Malik but you don't have to be a huge fan to read this. I don't incorporate his real life in this story except for his first and the last name. And if you are a fan and want to see Zayn playing a non-music related character then I recommend reading this.