96 Chapter 96 - The Way Forward

Author Note: I noticed that some readers were complaining about the introduction of other characters from my next fan fics. While I do understand that it may upset some people, it is necessary as Clark and his five colleagues will all be in the last fan fic I write within this specific omniverse.

Now as I mentioned in one of the comments last chapter, my initial plan was for the next fic to be a continuation of Clark's adventures but Web Novel has yet to unlock the Side Story feature so I can continue writing on that novel. Till that feature gets unlocked, I will write fan fics for Clark's colleagues.


Returning to base, I sighed and stretched out with relief. Now I was certain my father was no longer an issue, so all that was left was to clean up the next world before worrying about extra jobs Clark had for me. Seeing as how the cat was out of the bag per say, I knew Piña would want a quick cleanup...assuming anything was left. Since Raphtalia was unconscious and would be for some time, we wouldn't have a clear picture of things till we went over there.

"She will recover in a few days.", Shizuka said coming back from the clinic, "She is malnourished, exhausted, and probably mentally damaged from whatever she witnessed. Do you know her?"

"Well...yeah I can do, but not personally.", I replied, "She was a slave that was bought by a Summoned Hero since he was incapable of fighting himself. From what I know the two of them were extremely close, and if he really did die...well she may never recover mentally."

"Does she not have a family?", Saeko asked.

"No, her family was killed and her entire village was rounded up by slave traders.", I informed her.

"Jeez...that sounds like a really shitty world to live in.", Saya complained.

"It is, a lot of the countries there was human supremacy fanatics. Nonhumans like her are treat like second class citizens or worse.", I remarked patting Ilulu on the head, "If you aren't human, you can expect to pay higher prices for goods and services, pay higher taxes, and even be taken from your homes by slavers. In the event we end up going there, I am getting rid of that system immediately."

"Agreed!", everyone stated.

Checking everyone out to make sure there weren't any serious injuries, I suggested we have something to eat. Wholeheartedly agreeing, everyone was onboard for a meal...especially the people that hadn't had my cooking in a few days. Serving up lunch, the children told us all about Clark's world and his children. Telling us that all of them were really strong, I couldn't help imagining how strong they would be once they were fully mature. Even if they were half Kryptonian, they would still be powerhouses.

'I have only spoken with a few of his wives, but he may have an army of strong fighters coming up.', I thought thinking of my children, 'I really hope my kids don't get this system...Clark may need to help me ensure they don't. Last thing I need is my kids to be buying things from the item store.'

"Something wrong?", Miu asked me sensing I was deep in thought.

"Nope, Piña I will assemble the GATE in a few days. I want to make sure we have all the pieces before making it. Don't want to risk opening a portal to a different world.", I chuckled.

"Agreed.", she laughed, "By the way, about what Davoth said...do you think there are people left?"

"I am fairly certain there is, I don't imagine my colleagues would let them completely die out.", I said thinking for a moment, "Hmm..."

"You remember something?", Hamilton inquired.

"I was wondering, what if I suggested we merge the two worlds?", I suggested.

"Combined them?", Rory repeated, "Why would you do that?"

"Well let's look at this logically, both worlds have lost the majority of their populations right? Correct me if I am wrong, but there is a high chance we could still go extinct if there isn't enough genetic diversity.", I asked the medical people at the table.

"That is correct, if the population drops below a certain level the chance of people eventually going sterile/infertile increases significantly. There is a higher chance that we will end up with terrible recessive genes coming to light that would make life miserable.", Yuko admitted.

Using several examples through out our history, like the Habsburg Family, she explained that there was a high chance that humanity could still have issues moving forward. Even if we didn't go extinct, there was still a chance that recessive traits could reappear that had been almost eliminated...some of which could end someone's life prematurely. Fortunately our group wouldn't have any issues because I was completely different, genetically, from them. If anything there was a very high chance our children would inherit the standard perks High Humans held like disease immunity and all around stat increases.

"So what you are suggesting is to mix the two worlds together to eliminate that possibility?", Sayo questioned, "That makes a lot of sense, and both sides win with that plan."

"I don't see a problem with that.", Piña stated, "It benefits both parties, but are the remaining World Leaders here going to except that?"

"Who said I have to ask them?", I laughed, "The cat's out of the bag now about what I can do, so there is no worries about that. All I can hope for is that all of you don't suffer isolation because people are afraid of me."

"I think only a small group of people will be afraid of you.", Saeko told me, "Only those that wanted to do us or yourself harm would have reason to be afraid. Everyone else owes you a debt of gratitude for your actions. You did just end a zombie and demon apocalypses so it'd be weird for them not to at least be grateful."

"Far enough.", I remarked.

Finishing our meal while discussing our plans for the future, I headed over to the lab where Ada was frantically looking for something. Asking her what was wrong, she told me that Alexia had gone missing. Stating that she had gone to help defend the camp for a bit, when she came back Alexia was no where to be found.

'Oh shit...when I erased all Undead, I guess she got caught in that. She did have control of her virus so it completely slipped my mind.', I thought confirming in my status window that I had indeed accidentally killed her, "Don't worry about it, I got rid of her."

"Oh!", she sighed with relief, "I thought she escaped, and we were going to have a much worse situation on our hands."

"It's all good.", I chuckled, "Anyways, now that things have settled down we will have other work coming our way. I hope you will continue to work alongside us."

"All things considered, I wouldn't have it any other way.", she admitted, "I really don't want to go back to that sort of work anymore. The gunfights and adventures are fine, I am just done with biological terrorism parts."

"Glad to hear it.", I laughed.

Going inside the lab to see what research was left, I put all of it in my storage for safe keeping. If humanity was going to rebuild, the only thing that needed to remain was the history of all of this shit...not the blueprints for future generations to weaponize even further. Walking back outside I found Alcina waiting for me patiently.

'Thank you both for not letting me erase her. It would have been a tragic thing to lose this beauty.', I thought giving her a smile, "What's up?"

"Do you maybe have an hour I can borrow?", she asked me.

"Sure.", I said, "Where do you want to go?"

"I found some place nice.", she chuckled.

Taking me to a mountain peak several miles from the settlement, the two of us took a seat. Unsure where this was going to lead, I waited for her to speak first.

"Victor, out of all the men I have been around you are the one I think I can settle down with.", she told me, "I can say with absolute certainty that you aren't trying to weasel your way into my heart for financial or political gain."

"I see.", I replied hiding a chuckle.

"Being an heiress to a well off family and somewhat of an untouchable woman, I had many men seeking out my hand for my families wealth or just for my body. When I was younger all I wanted to do was have some fun and adventure, I didn't want to be cooped up in my family's home in the mountains. I did manage to get away for a while, but everyone still knew who was because of my last name. When Mother Miranda gave me the opportunity to become something more than just another Dimitrescu, I took it without hesitation.", she said looking down at the forest below, "During my time with her, I ended up adopting three young women that...well they became like daughters to me as you well know. Losing them was a great heartbreak for me, it was like a part of died with them. While I can't ever replace them...I can have biological children of my own."

"I assume you are saying you want to join my harem?", I asked with a soft smile.

"Yes, that is correct. I wanted to come out here because...well I thought that it would be best if we consummated this away from the others.", she shyly said.

"Are you not comfortable with being seen by others?", I questioned.

"As my husband, I wanted you to see this first and have you heal them properly.", she admitted taking her clothing off.

Stopping at her bra and panties, I immediately saw what the problem was. Her regenerative ability only healed the damage done after the parasite took hold in her body. This meant that the surgery Miranda used to place the parasite in her left ugly scars all over her stomach.

"I know it looks bad, but I can assure you I am more than capable of having children.", she stated looking a bit embarrassed about her appearance, "I still have a monthly cycle, and Mother Miranda assured me that should I want children I could sire them normally."

"I can heal this easily, why are you nervous?", I questioned.

"Victor, most everyone in the settlement see me as an Undead Monster. You are one of the very few that doesn't treat me that way.", she told me.

Understanding what she was saying, I used magic to remove the scarring leaving only smooth skin behind. Also using my magic to remove her genetic disease, I told her that moving forward that aspect of her life was over and that her children wouldn't have to worry about getting the same condition. Hearing that put a smile on her face as she pushed me down onto the grass.

"I owe you for quite a lot of things you know.", she said as she removed her bra.

"Oh I am well aware, I have been keeping a running tab.", I chuckled removing my clothing, "I think it's time to collect."

Seeing her breasts bounce in real life made me realize the video game did her no justice. They were full, springy, and above all else enormous. Modders had no idea how amazing they really were and neither did I till now. As my drawers came down, she licked her lips with satisfaction as she laid down on the grass. Slowly licking the full length of my pole, Alcina immediately kissed the tip before swallowing it in a single go.

'Fuck!', I thought, 'She's really fucking good!'

Wearing a smug smile as she wrapped her breasts around my member, she informed me that the Royals weren't the only ones that had training. Since her family lived in an isolated mountain range, the women in her family went to great lengths to ensure their husbands stated faithful and didn't run off to escape. She hadn't ever done this before, but the guides her mother gave her as a young girl were very specific.

Not to be outdone by her, I rolled her over straddled her face. Swallowing my shaft, I leaned forward and began pleasuring her orally. If it were any other man than myself, this would have been a death trap as she had far more strength than a normal human. As soon as I found one of her sweat spots, her legs clamped down around my head and didn't let go till she climaxed for a fifth time.

By that time she almost managed to make me climax, but I held on. Repositioning her to a more manageable spot, I pressed her back into the grass and lifted her feet above her head. Rubbing my rod across her entrance a few times, I slid my member in and son of a bitch it was a completely knew experience. Since she wasn't completely human, her internal body temperature was in the fifties which gave me a very pleasant cool sensation as her folds gripped me tightly.

For her, I imagined that it was like I just stuck her with a literal hot rod. I would have thought it would have hurt a little, but she let out a very primal moan that sent shiver up my spine. Alcina's size meant that my member didn't quite reach her womb so I didn't have to worry about injuring one of her most important parts.

Giving it to her as hard as she could take it, she came over and over for me. Having had to deal with pent up frustration for months of listening to me make love to my wives for a long time, she was ready for the relief. Locking her legs behind my head, she pulled me in for a list filled kiss. Feeling her soft lips against mine, my mind went a bit numb for a moment. After a few moments, I felt the urge to climax.

Slamming into her, I grunted and climaxed. Feeling her contract, she climaxed too as she accepted it all. Parting lips she caught her breath and gave me a smile.

"It seems my family's special lipstick works on you.", she purred, "Now I know you aren't tired yet, and frankly neither am I. Maybe I could borrow another hour?"

Laughing at that, I said she could and we stayed up on that mountain till dinner. Getting home as dinner was almost ready, I could tell everyone knew where we had done. Taking a seat at the head of the table, I served the food once it was set down.

"So Victor, I had something I wanted to ask you.", Piña spoke up.

"What is it?", I asked.

"What are your plans aside from helping Clark?", she questioned, "What I mean is, do you intend to take a leadership position in this world?"

"I have considered just being a Warlord.", I chuckled, "I feel like it would be a lot of fun, and a lot less restrictive. All of you would have a part in the government so I-"

"Ahem, so what you are saying is you want us to help you right?", Yuriko stated, "I suggest you leave the business and financing to Saya and I. We will make sure the books are balanced and no one skims off the top."

"Now hold on a second, an economy isn't going to be a-"

"Oh!! Yuko, Sayo, and I could be in charge of the medical branch!", Shizuka giggled.

"I like the sound of Defense Minister.", Rika snickered, "You game Yoko?"

"Did you even need to ask?", she laughed.

Almost immediately my voice was drowned out as they started discussing things. Apparently I didn't even need to convince them it was a good move, they just accepted it. Looking at Ilulu, Zero Two, and Lucy I noticed they were more focused on eating than what the others were discussing. Just shaking my head, I let them argue over who did what and what their titles were since it was the easiest solution.

'In the end as long as I am the one with final say, I really don't care.', I thought.

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