29 Chapter 29 - Triple Fusion Technique

With the dock area relatively clear, I pulled up along the ferry dock and got the teams working. Taking the Humvee out while they were getting the boat checklist taken care of, I took us to several shops and gathered up supplies in a hurry. We encountered several small groups of undead, but there weren't too many for us to handle. While we were looting, I paid attention to the situation at the dojo which had spilled out into the streets. Now running towards our location, it appeared we wouldn't have the luxury of choosing our encounter. They were coming for us regardless of what we wanted.

Hearing the sound of a motorcycle quickly approaching us, we looked down the street to see who was coming. Seeing a three familiar faces come squealing down the street, I immediately knew who else was with the Kenichi group. If I thought about it logically it wasn't that surprising given that both franchises were martial arts based.

"Come on, move it!! They are gaining on us!!", Souichiro Nagi shouted, "I don't want to be zombie chow!"

"Why don't you get out and push?", his friend Bob Makihara remarked.

"Will you two stop fighting!", Bob's girlfriend Chiaki Konoike shouted, "The bike is loud enough as it is, don't make it worse with your arguing!"

Looking forward Souichiro saw us standing on the side of the road. Having not seen us before, he told Bob to stop for a moment so he could warn us of the danger.

"Hey you guys!! There is a horde of undead freaks coming this way!!", he shouted as they pulled up alongside us.

"You don't say...", Saya huffed, "I wonder why, it's not like someone is riding on a loud ass motorcycle through the city!"

"See, I am not the only one that thinks it was a bad idea.", Chiaki spoke up with a sigh.

"Wasn't like anything else was working, it took me a whole day to get my baby fixed again.", Bob said.

"We know they are coming, you came from the Dojo?", I questioned.

"Yeah, we came on ahead to see if we could find a new place to settle. Our base was overrun by some freaky looking cyborg things.", Souichiro said, "There is fucking behemoth in the middle that makes the fucking ground shake with a roar, you all better get moving too."

"We are getting supplies for our boat, and leaving here.", I remarked.

"You have a boat!?", they shouted, "You got room for more, we got like forty people in our group."

Glancing at my team, no one had an objections. Telling them that was fine, I said that we could use their help anyways. Pulling a flare out of his jacket, Souichiro fired into the air letting his group know where we were. All of us stared at the three of them like they were morons. Giving us a confused look, I just sighed.

"Using a flare doesn't just let your people know where you are...you just told Umbrella where we are too.", Yuriko said, "Now they are going to try to cut us off, thanks."

"How else were they going to find us?", he asked.

"Why not use your brain?", Saya groaned, "You are riding probably the loudest thing in the city. They could have followed your sound. Are you a muscle bound idiot?"

"She's got a hot temper.", Bob chuckled, "Just like-"

"She is spoken for.", I said pulling Saya to me and letting off a little of my intimidation skill.

Starting to sweat, they nodded their heads understanding that I was very easily able to kill them. Giving them a smile, I stopped and allowed them to gasp for air. Turning my head back to from where they came from, I saw the rest of their group running on foot. Holding back my laughter as I saw Kenichi at the forefront of the group, it looked like he was trying not to cry based on his facial expression. Just as the last person rounded the corner several rockets flew past them and detonated on the other side of the street.

"Rika, take the group back to boat and get going.", I said tossing her the keys, "We will make an emergency stop elsewhere."

"You going?", Saeko asked me.

"You know me so well.", I chuckled giving her a kiss, "Try not to beat anyone senseless."

"No promises.", the women laughed.

"Wow...you with all of them?", Bob inquired.

"That's a stupid question, of course we are.", Saya sighed, "Let's go, and try to keep up."

"You are just gonna let him go fight those things alone?", Souichiro questioned, "You do realize those things are-"

"Just shut up and follow us.", Sayo hissed, "We aren't coming back if you fall behind!"

"Yes ma'am!", the three of them shrieked sensing her killing intent.

Tossing me my axe, swords, pistols, and rifle Rei and Mikoto told me to make sure I made it back to the boat before they set off. Tell them to stay in the harbor, I said I would swim out to them if need be. Nodding their heads they got in the Humvee, and started to drive away. Shouting at the others to follow after the Humvee, Bob took off following close behind the women.

Launching myself forward I quickly ran past the group, and charged towards the enemy chasing them. By the time I was almost at the corner, the first undead were running around the same corner. Barely registering my presence in front of them, all they saw was a sudden barrage of fists that slammed into them causing them to splatter everywhere.

Looking back at the boy who ran past them to face the enemy alone, Maya Natsume was very interested in the martial arts the teenager was using. Having diligently trained since she was a young girl, she never once saw such a devastating flurry fists. She could clearly see that each blow used just enough force to explode the dead.

'I see...that is why he has the courage to face them alone.', Maya thought.

Watching one of the mechanized dead come around the corner, in the next second she watched the boy bisect it with a single swing of his ax. Not only her, most of the other survivors witnessed the same terrifying display of raw strength.

"That guy is something else.", Mitsuomi Takayanagi stated.

"I was just about to say the same.", Hayato Fūrinji said, "I wonder who he studied under."

"If we survive this, maybe we can ask him!", Kenichi shouted.

"What do you mean if!? We are going to survive this!", Renka Ma retorted kicking him in the butt.

"Ouch!", he howled, "Why did you do that?"

"For being an idiot, you have to stay positive for your sister and mother!", Renka spat, "You promised your Dad, remember?"

When this nightmare started Mui, Renka, and him had been in class like any other weekday. When the announcement came over the PA, and they heard the dead pounding on the doors to where the PA equipment was...he remember the terror he felt. It was one thing to face a strong opponent, but these things didn't feel pain and simply snapping their necks didn't work. Add that onto the sight of his classmates being torn apart...Kenichi was at a loss for what to do. He fought tooth and nail to get Mui and Renka out of the school before too many people turned.

When they made it out, they ran into a group of martial fanatics from a neighboring High School and made their way to the Ryōzanpaku. There they made their stand, and tried to rescue their families. His mother and sister managed to make there, but...his father unfortunately lost his life fighting to protect them. The letter his father left him asked him to protect his mother and sister as the man of the house now. He apologized to him that he was leaving it all to him, but he wasn't about to let his family die while he drew breath.

"Kenichi!", Hayato shouted to snap him back to reality, "Now isn't the time to reflect on your father's sacrifice. Don't let it be in vein, you are still alive and so is your mother and sister."

"You are right!", Kenichi said getting out of his funk.

Continuing to follow after Bob and the Humvee, the group drew near to the docks where they saw the Ferry docked up. Seeing the large group on the boat, all of them picked up the pace. Expecting the teenager that had stayed behind to catch up, they glanced back again to see him still slaughtering the dead.

As they ran onboard the ship, the medical staff quickly checked them for any injuries before getting them water to rehydrate. Watching Saya get out of the Humvee, and run up to the wheelhouse the group asked about the boy that was still fighting. Informing them that they needed to get a little ways from the dock, they said that he would rejoin them after stopping the horde.

"You mean you are going to let him fight them alone!?", Kenichi shouted.

"I mean...he gave me the vibe that he could take them.", Souichiro said.

"There were hundreds of them, and several of them that martial arts don't work well on!", Kenichi spat, "He's going to die!"

"He will be fine.", Saeko told them, "I trust my boyfriend, a few hundred or even thousands undead won't bring him down."

"She's right, he's taken on one of the largest mutants we have seen with pretty much his bare hands.", Yuko assured them as she handled a few minor injuries the group had.

"But-", he tried to argue.

"We should trust them.", Hayato spoke up, "We have yet to learn about our saviors, he looked proficient enough to be at least a Grand Master."

"Hehe, he's strong than that.", the elderly couple spoke up.

"Well well well, I am surprised that you and the-", Kensei started to say before the old woman bashed him on the head.

"I see your sharp tongue hasn't changed. Are you still a perverted man that still tries to take upskirt pictures of young women?", she inquired.

"I resent that statement.", he replied.

"Yes.", all the women in their group said forcing him to sigh in defeat.

"Haha, you'll never change Kensei.", the old man laughed.

"I didn't expect to see you here Tadashi and Mami, it's been nearly a decade since our last meeting.", Kensei said.

"Yes...I remember chasing you out of our dojo for trying to sneak a peek at our daughter.", Mami hissed.

"I...I don't know what you mean.", he laughed dryly.

Getting lost in their conversation, the three old friends got caught up as the boat pulled away from the dock.

---City Center---

Pulverizing the dead to paste, I dove into a building and quickly equipped the Doomslayer armor before the drones or the zombies with cameras arrived. The first mech zombie I killed didn't get a look at me before I tore it's systems apart so it wouldn't know what I was wearing. Pulling a Spatz12 shotgun out of storage, I leapt back out into the fray. Grabbing a zombie by the skull, I slammed it into the stone work turning it's head into a pancake.

Putting a round in the chamber, I pointed the gun into the group and just let them have it. Firing dozens of rounds into the zombies, I smashed those that didn't die immediately with my boot. Walking through the horde of zombies, I paid little to no attention at their attempts to bite or cut me. I felt absolutely nothing from them, it was just the disgusting noises that they made that pissed me off. Stowing the shotgun after a few minutes, I decided to take some more aggression out on the dead with my bare hands as it felt really good.

Finish the horde off within ten minutes, I looked at the points I had acquired and realized I had gained over half the points back I spent buying the suit. Putting it back in storage again, I looked on the min map for where the cyborg zombies were. Aside from the one that I killed I hadn't seen anymore which meant they were likely going for the boat, something I couldn't allow to happen. Finding a group of six surrounding a much larger zombie, I leapt onto a building and started making my way over there.

Catching up to them as they approached the docks, I picked up my speed and slammed into tall building that was barely standing right next to them. I didn't expect it to kill them, but it would certainly get their attention. Taking out the remaining support pillars, the building started to tip over and then crashed into the group. Rolling as I hit the ground, I turned back to look at the rubble. Picking themselves up out of the rubble, the cyborgs started to engage me with their guns.

Running at them, I easily avoided them using my enhanced kinetic vision. Realizing that they weren't going to hit me that, they switched to using their laser which were even easier to dodge. Jumping off building walls, cars, trees, and other debris I could tell that the computer was having issues trying to keep up with me at the speed I was moving. Landing the first blow on one of the cyborgs, I slammed my shin into it's head and crumpled it like a soda can. Exploding almost immediately after that, the cyborgs started moving quicker as they started to compensate for the speed. One of them managed to graze me with their laser as I was taking some distance.

---Raccoon City---

"Well done professor.", the commander said, "Your robots are adapting nicely."

"Their AI is programmed to analyze their opponents, and predict their next move.", the scientist snickered, "This was well worth the long nights spent making them."

"I was afraid they weren't going to make it to the city in time to run into him.", the commander stated, "You are free to remove the safeties now doctor, the pawns have served their purpose in drawing him out. All of them need to be eliminated, they are a liability if they were to survive."

"Understood, safeties coming off now.", he replied.

---City Center---

Earning the <Energy Weapon Resistance - Rank 1> skill from being grazed by the laser, I immediately maxed out the skill. Watching parts drop off the cyborg zombies, I instinctively knew the kiddy gloves were coming off. Hearing a low hum from them, it was clear they were charging up power to use the laser increased range. Knowing that my father wouldn't be holding anything back, I opted to not either.

Using the Fist of the North Star's strongest technique, the Musō Tensei, I felt myself become detached from the world. Using it in combination with Awakening Breath, I pushed my body to the maximum output I could currently muster. Watching the big guy get up, he really did look the person who built him was a Doom fanatic as it looked exactly like a Cyberdemon. Taking a step forward, the world around me moved quicker than I could follow with my eyes. Relying solely on pure instinct, I stopped just short of the closest Cyborg.

In one fluid motion I hit nearly 36 pressure points that the zombie still had before using the Mountain Split Fissure Wave technique to split its head in half with my bare hand. Stumbling backwards, the cyborg fired it's laser into a building before it exploded from the Ki I left in it's body.

"<Ki Manipulation - Rank 1> acquired.", the system informed me.

'Interesting', I thought upgrading it to Rank 5, 'I will have to explore that further.'

Using my sudden stop to attack me, two of cyborgs fired their lasers at me.

---Raccoon City---

"Haha!! I got him!!", the scientist laughed.

"Yes you...", the commander said till he saw the heat signature on the monitor, "Shit that didn't kill him!? It just injured him a second ago!"

"Sir...", the scientist said looking at him, "It only grazed him...that was a full on blast to the face. I think your son adapted to the laser, and gained immunity to it."

"How do you get immunity to lasers!", he shouted, "That isn't possible!"

"It is possible that his body absorbed the energy like sunlight.", a few of his colleague said, "Either that or his body is giving of a bioelectric field that is disrupting the laser."

"Damn it!", he shouted, "Pull them back, the laser was the biggest asset they had and now that is gone!"

"Sir, Cyborgs 6, 5, and 4 just went dark!", the operators said.

"Pull them back now!!", the commander shouted.

---City Center---

Having killed three more of the cyborgs with my axe while they were trying to adjust to the situation, I watched them start to try flee. Not letting them have the opportunity, I used the Thousand Hand Destruction Fist technique to vaporize the remaining cyborgs. With two steps, I was in front of the Cyberdemon and the damage I dealt in the two steps destroyed the muscles in it's legs making it fall forward.

Unleashing a series of powerful blows into the creature, the environment around me started to shatter and explode as I attempted to use Bang's first style, the Explosion Release Fist. The complete opposite of the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, the style was all about brute force and destructive power which suited this situation perfectly. I wasn't as familiar with it, but I had read about it in the manga. Mimicking the motions I had seen in the manga, I got a notification in my HUD.

"<Explosion Release Fist - Rank 1> acquired", the system told me.

Maxing it out to Rank 10, I tried to blend it with the other two techniques I had. The resulting effect was well...terrifying. Moving without evening realizing it, my body left behind hundreds of afterimages and I could feel the Ki in my body move on it's own. I was sure I wasn't feeling anything right now due to Musō Tensei, and there was a high chance that I was going to be in a world of pain after this.

Watching my fist slam into it's chest, the next moment the Cyberdemon started expanding as over a thousand impacts hit it at once. Overwhelming it's healing ability the Cyberdemon exploded into a fine mist...but not before the surrounding area imploded taking down the remaining buildings in the dock area. The impact was so strong that the people on the boat felt a pressure wave hit them which startled several of the masters on the boat.

Sensing that I wasn't going to hold this state much longer. I used the last bit of energy I had to launch myself back towards the boat. Landing on the bus, I rolled off the roof and touched down on the boat. Shouting up to Saya that I was on board, Saeko told her to get us out of here.

"That was impressive stud!", Rika teased.

"Yeah...", I said as I came out of the state, "I think I need a nap now."

Agreeing with me, Rika went up to the wheelhouse with me to make me comfortable.

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