47 Reactions, Lacrima, New Mission and... Straight to Canon

The reactions to his new relationship were quite amusing in Alex's opinion. While his sisters knew of his new arrangement, the guild was quite put out by this new development.

When he entered the hall, with two girls on both of his arms, silence descended among the members, not able to believe what they were witnessing.

Makarov who was sitting on the bar, had his jaw open. How did he conquer Mira, he didn't know, but he had the sudden impulse to kowtow to him and call him Master.

Erza and Cana were watching the scene with a twitch on their brows. The redhead knew of the new relationship between the "trollop" and Alex, she lived in the same house after all, how couldn't she? However she couldn't say anything if not congratulate her. She felt defeated in a sense, and knew it was going to sting her pride, but had to accept to it. A strange gleam popped briefly in her eyes, one that promised that something was going to change in the future.

Cana was the more vocal, instead.

(Cana): «Mira, what the fuck?»

Said girl had just kissed her boyfriend in public, confirming her new relationship status. And while the others were still trying to pick their jaw from the ground, the brunette involuntarily said what the others were thinking.

Mira, coming back from her kiss, just winked at her and put her head on his shoulder.

Alex and Mikoto were amused by her action, but kept on walking to Makarov, who still had a shocked expression.

(Makarov): «M-Mikoto, why-» Started the old man, but was immediately interrupted.

(Mikoto): «Mmm, oh… Well he has my permission. Besides, I have a new sister now» Answered cheekily the chestnut-haired girl.

(Mira): «A beautiful and naughty girl you can share the bed with» Added the Take Over mage from the other side in a saucy tone.

All the males, hearing her comment, had blood spurting from their nose, just imagining the scene. The Guild Master could only follow suit, his consciousness leaving him with the incredibly arousing scene projected in his mind.

Alex just shook his head, trying to restrain himself from laughing. He watched as some female members were also shaking their head, ashamed of their male guildmates, while some had a red hue on their cheeks and a small trickle of blood going down their nose.

'So, someone bats for the other team? Good to know' He filed that information for later and went to sit on one of the tables.

(Natsuki): «Did you have to do that, Mira?» Said Natsuki in a disapproving tone.

(Mira): «It was fun! Even more watching their reaction! Right Mikoto?»

Said girl just inclined her head, before playfully kissing her new sister on the cheek. Mirajane blushed a bit, but retained her composure, trying not to show any weakness.

Alex arched his brows and conveyed through his expression his question about what she was actually doing. Mikoto just shook her head, a small smile on her face, happy that she had countered Mira's attack.

'Is she bi? No she said she wasn't… She probably only teased Mira back'

(Cana): «Hey! What's the meaning of this! Are you both his girlfriends now?»

Cana had followed the group and was now seated on the nearby table, listening to their conversation.

The one who answered was Rukia who playfully said: «Yes, we just found a new member for his harem»

(Cana): «Ohh, so he is collecting girls now? Aren't you jealous Mikoto?» Asked intrigued the brunette.

(Mikoto): «Jealous? Mmh, if I can share the bed with them, then no» This time she was the one on the attack, she wanted to see if it really was as fun as Mira thought.

Her wink and the licking of her lips together with her saucy grin made Cana uncomfortable, who couldn't help but blush a bit. She wasn't deterred however, and instead just nodded with a smirk.

(Cana): «I'll take that into consideration when I make my move»

Alex could only sweatdrop at their exchange, but his lifeline came from Kotori, who couldn't take anymore.

(Kotori): «Are you really trying to add another girl, he just accepted one yesterday!»

Her accusation fell to deaf ears, no one was listening to her. However, Alex took her comment seriously, and actually thought what was going to happen in the future, now that everyone knew he had more than one girlfriend.

Levy was watching the byplay strangely, like she was seeing some kind of show. She couldn't fathom how Mikoto could allow her boyfriend to date another girl at the same time.

Was it even possible sharing the one you loved with another? She didn't have any comparison to make, and had no personal experience on that, so, only books could help in her situation. Maybe she could find something in the library, or at least in the 18+ rated section of the bookstore near the guild.

Lisanna had just seen her sister kissing the boyfriend of her friend in front of her and she couldn't understand how she hadn't been slapped. What was even more strange was that Mikoto seemed like she didn't care, no, she was accepting like it was normal!

What the hell was going on here?

Natsu was sitting with Happy next to her and suddenly felt a nudge on his left leg. He turned his head towards his white-haired friend, who had a strained smile on her face.

(Lisanna): «Hey Natsu, why don't you learn from him?» Asked the girl, who indicated Alex with her eyes.

(Natsu): «Alex? Sure, why not? He is strong, so learning from him should be quite beneficial. I hope he doesn't beat me like Erza…» His last words were said with a bit of fear in it, just remembering her punishments… No thank you.

(Happy): «Aye, Erza is scary» Added the blue cat, while eating a fish.

Lisanna just facepalmed. She was surrounded by hard-headed males that couldn't take a hint. Why did she like Natsu?

She just shook her head internally and nodded at her two friends, trying to keep their conversation at bay. Elfman in the back, was just shouting how manly Alex was, this time receiving nods of approval from all his male guildmates.

20 minutes later the group was ready to start their daily training again, but they were interrupted by their master's call.

(Makarov): «Alex, girls, I have a mission for all of you, it's quite important…»

The siblings nodded before they turned their heads towards their three friends.

(Makarov): «Mira, Cana, Erza… You can accompany them if you want. This time I think it's better if you go along»

The group immediately sharpened their senses, knowing that if Master was asking the three to go together, it wasn't going be an easy quest.

(Makarov): «I found out what the Lacrima was. It's a type of Lacrima used to convert specific types of substances in magic. The incredible thing is that, as you know, you can put the Lacrima inside your body to learn that kind of Magic. Imagine what kind of chaos could this discovery actually cause.

It all happened casually: I had just come out from the research room when I accidentally moved the shelf where part of the basilisk venom was stored. The vial broke, letting all its content fall on the Lacrima. I thought it was going to melt, or something like that, but the sphere actually lighted up and absorbed the venom, then changed its color after it was completely assimilated inside. It was purple and was emitting a light radiance, like those Lacrimas used to plant inside the body of a mage to use that new magic»

(Alex): «So you believe that it is A Venom/Acid Lacrima?» He was really interested in this new development, that type of Lacrima hadn't appeared in canon.

(Makarov): «Yeah, I think there are more of them in Fiore, or in the entire continent…»

(Mordred): «So you want us to collect them» Finished the former knight.

(Makarov): «I actually will pay you as if you were going on a SS-class quest. You have no time limit, and you can always come back here. There's no need to hurry at the moment, I am the only one who knows about it, right now.

Besides, it might also be a unique find, so exploring all the continent to search for something that may not even exist… It won't be a good experience, I assure you. Anyway, as I said it's a long-term mission, so you can decide whether to take it or not. My suggestion is that you consider it as an always ongoing quest, while you can do other assignments in the meantime»

The group contemplated his words carefully, this could be quite challenging. They talked for about 5 minutes, involving also their three friends in the conversation and finally came to a decision.

(Alex): «Master, we…»

[2th July X784, Alex's house]


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