1 Prologue

Nathan was walking home from school, this had been a particularly stressful day for him. He had finally submitted his early application to NYU and was going to reward himself by bench re-watching Season 3 of Flash. He was only a few blocks away from home when he saw something disturbing in an alley. A red haired girl in around 16 was cornered by 2 thugs.

"Give us your wallet!" Thug 1 shouted at the girl. "He-ere, just let me go" said the girl too scared to call for help. "Hey Jim, look at her. She is young and a redhead, maybe we should teach her not to walk around by herself at night." Thug 2 said while licking his lips. Taking a good look at the girl Jim started chuckling "Hahaha. It's been a while since I had some fun". Seeing this she was about to scream but Thug 2 covered her mouth "Hmmm, HMMMM!!!" redhead try to exclaim while starting to cry. "Ohh, Look at this Steve she already start to cry. I gotta say I like them more when they put more fight into it but this is not bad either"

Seeing the situation escalate so quickly Nathan shouted "Hey leave her alone!" Hoping to scare them off. Unfortunately Jim pulled out his gun "Walk away and act like you haven't seen anything or else ...". Nathan was startled, but seeing the crying girl jumped on the gun man... too bad he forgot there were two of them. Steve pull out his own gun and shot him at the back. "AHHHHH" The girl screamed and collapsed on her knees.

"SHIT!?!! Steve you SHOT him. We need to run come on." They run away as Nathan slowly lost more and more blood.


When Nathan finally opens his eyes, he looks around and he sees that everything is bigger than he remembers. In few minutes, taking in what happened, he realises something 'WHY THE HELL AM I A BABY?'

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