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In Different Timelines


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Prim was just an 'average' (or so she thought) college girl with an unusual taste in idols. Instead of thinking about K-idols, like most of her classmates do, she fantasizes about historical musicians and painters! The most awful aspect of being their fan is not being able to meet them in person. She had no desire to meet them from the minute she became fascinated because she knew it was impossible. However, he suddenly appeared and showed her the unattainable, she finally awakened the wish that her heart have for a very long time. ~~ Everything seems to be a fantasy. But she can hear, see and smell clearly and it all feels too real to be true. She stands in the middle of the bustling market, oblivious to her surroundings. Everyone appeared to be in a hurry because of the different stalls and various customers around. Someone suddenly bumped into her and she almost fell to the ground. The man was carrying a stack of long papers from scholars, which she had seen in the movies. He cursed her in French and told her to watch where she's going. ~~ "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" she anxiously asked as her eyes were looking around. "Don't worry! I've already done this many times! Haha!" he waved his hands telling her not to be nervous as he dragged the unconscious body. She stiffened, "You've done this many times?!" she pointed to the body, "You meant this situation?!" she continued. "Haha! Don't be frightened! You're acting as if I've killed this man. He's just unconscious duh!" ~~ A strange phenomenon were seen in the sky. The two were in the fields so the landscape were very open for them to see what's happening above. They looked up and faintly saw a rip in the sky. No, it's more like a time warp that's been ripped. Waves can be faintly felt and saw from the sky. The two looked in each other in astonishment. The ripped slowly opened and they saw the space outside the Earth together with a spaceship that looks like about to crash. However, it isn't heading towards their way. The ripped only served as a television as if watching this spaceship crashing. She saw a woman inside the ship and she's also looking at their way. "This could only happen if someone entered the Stellar Blackhole" the guy whispered but she could still hear what he said. "What do you mean stellar blackhole? No one can survive a blackhole! They'll end up spaghettified!" she exclaimed. "But this is different. We just call it stellar blackhole because it is similar to that one. However, it looks like that woman accidentally entered. This can't be good." "Why?" she asked. The guy looked at her, "Because no one have ever returned when they entered. That's why no one knows what's inside." PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME


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