15 My Stats! (End of volume 1) (Restructured)

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(I did a lot of alterations on this chapter, but my problem isn't the Familia he is going to enter, it is his abilities.

90% of the story will revolve around that after all.

So if people don't like them or someone gives a nice idea I can still pretty easily change it, although I liked the end result, I don't think it's too op compared to some people but I also think that it can give the mc a certain edge.

After all, it would be too much if I had to write a story where the mc takes 2 years to level up. My idea was something around 4-6 months per level up. But he would have to work really hard? Let's see what you all think.)


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"Awww... What a nice sleep."

'I had a pretty normal dream, nothing too great. A mixture of pretty incomprehensible things…'

(My dreams are always crazy, tell me yours in the comments...)

"Is it morning?"

'I looked outside and saw that it was still night.'

"Looks like I put in the wrong time…"

My clock says 6:20 Am, but its clearly still night

'I picked my clock and decreased 30 minutes out of it.'

"Should be enough for now."

"So I am 18 now?"

Happy birthday to me…

(Insert sad image)

'There were no mirrors so I couldn't really see my face, so I just washed my face in the water from yesterday's bath.'

'I removed my pajamas and started to put on my clothes, starting from my legs.'


'But in the middle of this, the door's lock was opened.'


'The door opened soon after, revealing Lunoire in her Pajamas.'

'She looked at me, stunned, her eyes soon darted towards my abdomen.'

'I was quite fit… No… "Fit" is quite an understatement.'

'I was "stacked", but just enough to not compromise aesthetics.'

'Because of the way stats works, adventurers don't need to exercise as much as you think, most tend to be fit, but not on my Level. Otherwise, all girls would have big muscles.'

'And all boys would be bodybuilders.'

(Bell wasn't that strong as an example, he was quite skinny for his level of physical prowess.)

I did see some muscular girls during my walks though...

'Lunoire's face got slightly red, but she maintained her poker face.'

'Or at least tried.'

'But she never stopped looking at me.'

"Sorry for the intrusion… I came here to wake you up, but you beat me up to it."

"Just some old habits."

"I just came to say we won't be opening today, so we will only clean up the place and close the Pub for the week. I heard Mama Mia was going to cook for you, but she told me to say she was sorry."

"She had something to do and left a few minutes ago. She said she will cook a lot for you next time."

"... Do I get a discount?"

"Nope" She said with a smile

... I figured. Mama Mia doesn't give discounts.

"I will go help you all later, just let me finish putting on my clothes and clean the room… And one more thing. Happy new year."

'She nodded and left.'


For a girl who always tends to be a smart ass, she was quite stiff...

'Lunoire left the room and closed the door.'

'Her face was still slightly red, she rested her back on the door.'

"I forgot to tell him happy new year… But it wasn't my fault! He was quite the eye candy..."

'She shook her head, her friend seemed to have her eyes on him already.'

'And he isn't the kind of man she likes... At least, not yet.'

(Lunoire just wants a man that can take care of her and let her laze around)

'After a few seconds she recovered and thought:'

Where did that water come from? And those clothes... Ryuu told me he didn't bring anything…

"Did he unlock the door and went to fetch some water? That's impossible, we would've heard him..."

I did drink a little though...

'She quickly dismissed her thoughts. Her years as an assassin taught her to not ask too many questions.'

'But she kept this strange thing at the back of her head for the same reason.'

'Having extra info is of extreme importance to an assassin/ bounty hunter. A job may end up being not worth it, so having info may prevent danger.'

'That was a lesson she learned after many years of working in the shadows.'

'After I put on my clothes, I opened the door and went to the first floor.'

'There I saw Anya placing down the chairs and tables in place.'

'She also noticed me.'

"Happy new year… Do you need any help?"

"Thank you, Chloe should be helping me but she is such a heavy sleeper … Happy new year Nya!"

Why do cat people talk like this…

'I picked up a chair and moved it according to what Anya told me.'

'10 Minutes later we were done. Yet the girls are nowhere to be seen.'

Where is Lunoire? And the others?

"Now I understand why you said they were heavy sleepers..."

"Yesterday they drank too much and this is the result Nya…"

"Is there anything else I can help you all with? Not like I have anything else to do."

"This was the last thing. Now we are all free to enjoy this small vacation NYA!"

"Then I will take my leave. Tell Ryuu that I will eat her food at a later date. See you all in a week. Send those girls and Mama Mia my greetings when they wake up."

'I waved back at her and opened the door outside.'


'The cold wind blew up on my face.'


Winter did come suddenly this time huh. The past few weeks it was still rather chilly, but now it's just plain cold.

'Closing the door, I made my way towards the Northeast. Why? No reason, I just wanted to take a look around the place.'

(Northeast of his current location would take him to the Hephaestus Familia main workplace. The angle is slightly off, but close enough.)

"Are you satisfied watching from the sidelines Nya?" Said Anya with her casual smile

"... Nyahaha… I can't escape from your senses Anya…"

'Chloe and Lunoire appeared from the corner of the stairs with slightly awkward expressions.'

'Ryuu soon appeared from the top of the staircase, but she didn't seem well.'

"Where are Syr and May nya?" Asked Anya

"Sleeping like logs… As always." Said Ryuu.

'Ryuu was surprisingly wearing adventurer clothing.'

"Are you going to…"

'Chloe was going to say something but stopped mid-way.'

'Ryuu had a sad look but her expression soon changed to a smile.'

"I will be back soon. Happy new year everyone."

"Happy new year!" x3

'I can't help but feel they forgot something.' Though Lunoire to herself.





'While I was walking down the street, I came across a rare scene of a man asking his girlfriend for marriage.'


It isn't rare to see couples in Orario, but seeing this is somewhat of a novelty for me.

He looks like an adventurer, by the way, he walks and his arm muscles. I hope they can live happily.

Since it's too easy for an adventurer to die in the dungeon and leave a child and a wife behind.

(Kakyoin would love this place...)

"I wonder if one day I will marry… Nah…"

"Holy shi…"

The price on this armor…

"3 Million Vallis for this? It looks just like any chest piece… Ohh… It's made of dragon scales."

Dragons from the deep floors of course.

For the blacksmith to have hidden the scales so well when forging… He is quite good. He must have coated the scales with something else.

"There are a lot of shops around here… Oh!"

'I saw two hammers imprinted on all of the shop's doors.'

"Looks like I am in the Hephaestus Familia workshop area."

Let me take a look around the place.

'The items in here had diverging values, ranging from 50K all the way to several Million Vallis. But rarely did I see anything higher.'

"I bet they only sell such things in Babel. This makes me wonder just how expensive maintaining a big Familia is…"


"Do they have any Inns around here? I need to find a place to stay until this weekend so that I can apply to join the Loki Familia."

"Going back to that bastard Innkeeper would be too awkward, he wouldn't let go of my feet."


'The door of the shop suddenly opened, revealing a strong-armed dwarf.'

"Are you interested in that piece of armor young man? How about it? I can make it for 2.9 Million Vallis."


This dwarf… Does he think everyone has 3 Million Vallis in their pockets?

"You must be pretty desperate to sell equipment during New Year's Eve."

"Pfft! If you aren't here to buy, then get out!"

'The dwarf spit on the ground.'

How rude…

"No need to be like that, I was already leaving anyway… But before I go, I would like to ask, how did you fuse the mithril alloy with the dragon scales?"


'The angry dwarf stopped walking and turned around.'

"You noticed the dragon scales? You even noticed that there was a Mythril alloy on top?"

"Look at it. The shape, angle at the edges, and most importantly the edges at the bottom…"

'I pointed out my thinking process to the dwarf.'

'He listened with immense focus before saying:'

"You don't seem like your usual adventurer, why don't you get inside so that we can continue our talk."

… Why not? I never had the chance to hold a conversation with a proficient blacksmith in Orario.

'For the next hour, me and the dwarf discussed blacksmithing and ideas.'

"Kid. You truly are something to have gotten to this Level by only learning in the countryside. And without even a proper teacher to boot."

"I will be blunt. Join our Familia. We can turn you into a Master blacksmith in 10… No 5 years should be enough."

"Thank you but…"

"NO BUT! Why are you an adventurer? Money? Fame? Glory? Women?..."

"You can get it all by being a blacksmith!"

This guy is energetic for an old man...

"But didn't the Hephaestus Familia close down their…"

"It doesn't matter! If I recommend you, they will open a slot for you without any trouble!"

"Old dwarf…"

"No need to say anything else! Let's go! Young men like you shouldn't waste their time!"

'This dwarf wasn't a super-hidden master, he was just an average advanced blacksmith of the Hephaestus Familia.'

'But even that is already something, you just saw by the price of the things he was selling. He also has a few contracts with some adventurers. They aren't exclusive contracts though.'

'We eventually went to a large mansion.'

'It was probably their main base.'

"Wait here, for now, I will go call the examiners. Not like you need it anyway."

'He entered the mansion and disappeared.'

'I sat on a bench nearby and waited.'

'And waited...'

"I feel like I got dumped… It's been 10 minutes…"

Did something happen?


"Buwaaa! Hephaestus that idiot! Kicking me out just like that again! In the New Year of all times! She called me into Gekai and threw me away like an old bag! She didn't even let me sleep there…"

'A youthful yet depressed feminine voice came from behind me.'


'Cold wind suddenly blew on the girl almost blowing her jacket off.'


'I turned around to see a short girl in a heavy coat with a hood, kicking the front door of the mansion.'

'She started to run in an overly dramatic way.'


If she keeps running like that she will trip, even more, when she is wearing those leather boots, the ground is quite slippery after all.

She seems quite familiar…


'As I thought, she slipped on the ground and fell on the ground, spinning due to her momentum making her fall quite comical.'

'But because of this her hood came off, allowing me to see her face.'

… She really seems familiar.

Her hair was black and her eyes blue. Her face was flawless, really. There were no imperfections in there.

This is quite normal in Goddesses…

'I got up and went to help, not like I had anything better to do.'

"Are you alright miss? Running around in those boots isn't really a good idea."

'I gave her my hand.'

"My bum… Oh? Thank you!"

'I helped her get up again.'

'She thanked me again and was about to fall off again when she slipped on the ground once more.'

'This time I grabbed her by the arm, preventing her fall.'

"That was close… That was a pretty fast reaction. Are you an adventurer?"

"I just told you to be careful… And for your question, no, I am not. I am looking for a Familia in fact, that's why I am here."

"Tsk! What does that boring girl have that is so good?"

"You don't seem to like her very much…"

'She shook her head... She suddenly opened her eyes wide as if she had a revelation.'

"HA! I know now!"

'She grabbed my hand with a lot of strength.'

'It didn't hurt but it was pretty impressive for a girl her size.'

(140 Cm, however, I have changed her height so that she isn't like a child next to the Mc. She is around 160 now, just a little smaller than Loki)

"How about you enter my Familia! We met like this in the cold winter right after I was thrown out by the evil old lady!… It must be fate!"

"... What? Are you a Goddess? Do you have a Familia?"

"Ah!... No… Not yet! But I am sure it will be strong!"


This girl... She is pretty excited... It even makes me bad refusing her... I can't abandon the old Dwarf for...

'But the girl cut his thoughts her next line... Completely.'

"My name is Hestia! What is yours?"


'Something seemed to explode inside my head.'

How couldn't I have noticed? She is…

"Moshi moshi? Are you there?"

"AH? Sorry, I lost my sense of time there for a moment… My name is Silver, Mellios Silver."

"Would you enter my Familia Silver?" Asked Hestia.


I am sorry old Espínter, but I found my goddess...

"If you are okay with a no-name adventurer. Then, of course!"

"YAYYY! After two weeks of searching, I finally found someone! Take that Hephaestus!"

She is too energetic…

But really now… What a coincidence… Perhaps not. I am in the Hephaestus workshops area. Perhaps Hephaestus private forge and house is somewhere around here?

I imagine that Hestia would be living there after all.

'She grabbed my hand and pulled me.'

"Let me show you where I live!... Where we live!"

Is it so easy to get a girl these days?... Just kidding. Hestia is not dumb, she wouldn't accept anyone.

Does this mean I passed her silent check?


'At that moment, from behind the gate, a beautiful woman with red hair and an eyepatch appeared from behind the wall.'

"..."Evil old lady"… Just you wait…"

'At the same time, a Dwarf and a tall woman that also had an eye patch appeared from deeper in the mansion.'

"Hephaestus-Sama? What brings you here? Asked the Dwarf in a reverent tone."

"Didn't I tell you to not talk with me like that Espínter."

'The Dwarf was quite embarrassed.'

"But what brings you two here? Especially you Tsubaki, I thought you didn't like staying in the cold."

"Hahaaaa… Espínter told me there was a rookie he liked, so I came here to check things out."

"Oh? Could it be the young man with silver eyes?"

"Did you already see him Hephaestus-Sama? I tell you, that young man has talent! He only needs a good teacher and he will become a master smith…"

"About that… He was already recruited."

"... What?"

'The dwarf almost fell to the ground.'

"You… can't be serious… He-he had the talent!"

'Tsubaki just scratched her head and patted the Dwarf head.'

"Looks like we were too late. Back to the forge."

"Sigh… Didn't I tell you to not overdo it? It's a new year Tsubaki, you should relax like the others…"

"You say I should relax but aren't you the one who is working the most?"

"I have many commissions to finish…"

"Stop! Let's drink something good. You can continue your commissions tomorrow… No one will blame you if you delay them until next week anyway..."

'The two women made their way inside while the dwarf stayed there stunned.'

"... I will crush that boy's head next time I see him…"

'He was fuming from his nostrils. His anger was evident…'

'Without even realizing it. Silver made a very grumpy Dwarf very, very angry.'

"And the person who took him! Be it a God or not!..."


'Hestia led me through the street happily humming a song.'


She is taller than I imagined... Is this something from this world?

I thought she was supposed to be rather small, but perhaps that was an error during the animation or translation in my past... Past life...

'The scene was quite comical, I was 184Cm without my armor while Hestia was 160Cm.'

'It was not on the level of a child leading an adult but it wasn't that far off.'

(Like a Pallum leading a 200 Cm tall person.

For some reason I imagined Ottar having a relationship with a Pallum… He is 210 Cm tall... Is it even possible?)

Wait a minute, I recognize this road…

Isn't this the west road? The place where the Hostess of Fertility is?


'After several minutes, there I was, in front of the HF.'

It seems no one is here…

"Kami-Sama, how long have you been in Orario?"

"Call me Hestia!... I descended two weeks ago under the cohesion of Hephaestus. She told me to come, saying it was fun and now was the prime time to gather members for a Familia."

"She was wrong! No one wanted to even talk to me! Everyone is just enjoying their New year, leaving me alone… But you are here now, so everything is fine!"

"You seem to have quite the relationship with Hephaestus."

"It's a long story…"

'As she told me about her many adventures in Heaven with Hephaestus we passed by the HF without any trouble.'

'She kept going on and on in a very excited tone. Most of the time she made fun of the other Goddesses in Heaven, showing me a different perspective on the Gods.'

Gods are so similar yet so different from mortals… This makes me wonder, what is a God?

"... And then, Loki-The-Board slid in the ice! Haha..."


I don't know why, but I feel relieved somehow.

'But I didn't notice that in an alley. Syr was looking at both me and Hestia with a light shining in her eyes.'

'Her stories were so long and filled with details that mid-way through I just turned off my brain and turned on auto mode.'

"Here we are!"

'In front of us was a rather old and broken abandoned church.'

'There were some holes in the walls but it was fixable.'

'Broken glass, stones, and rotten wood… This will take some time to fix.'


I am not too keen on buying a new house. I quite like being far away from the ruckus of Orario.

'Hestia looked at me probably thinking I was going to abandon her like the others.'

"Aren't you going to welcome me inside?"

'Her face brightened up and she pulled me inside.'

'The church consisted of two areas, the front area where you had the preaching area and a backdoor area where the priests probably lived.'

'There is also a second floor. But I will leave that for later.'

'Hestia brought me to the end of the preaching area and opened up a "hidden" door.'

'The paint was so old that I could see the outline of the door.'

'After we descended one level of the stairs, we found ourselves in the basement of the church.'

"Tch dan! Home!..." She said with an excited yet awkward voice

'The place was pretty messy, with dust all around the place.'

'It was clear Hestia never cleaned this place. Perhaps she never thought she would be actually capable of bringing someone in here.'

"It's quite dusty. Let's clean this up first." Said Silver

'Hestia was once again surprised by my actions, she thought I was going to show contempt for this place, but the only thing she saw was relief.'

'I was relieved because this is exactly how I imagined this place to be. I actually came to this abandoned church once. Come on, I was curious, I only watched it from far away. But I wanted to see if it actually existed.'

'My hand got green as small wind currents flowed around my hand.'

'Wind Bath, environment edition.'

'A soothing wind current spread around the room gathering all dust and dirt into one big ball.'

"And for the final touch."

'Bubble bath.'

'Bubbles filled the entire basement, making all of the furniture sparkle.'

'Those that could at least.'

"I will throw these out first. I will be back."

'Hestia just stayed there stunned. This scene was super bizarre for her. It shattered the little information she knew about the lower world.'

'But she had a big smile on her face.'

'During the past two weeks, she received daily classes from her friend about pretty much everything.'

'And she knew just how incredible what she just witnessed was.'

'She even wanted to cry. She knew she had recruited an incredible person.'

"I am back. We can clean the rest later."




"What do I do now?"

Of course, I knew what was going to happen, but I had to act as if I didn't know.

"Please take off your shirt and lay down on the couch…"

'And I did as such, showing my worked-up body to Hestia.'

'Hestia's face became slightly red.'

'She had never seen a man half-naked in such proximity after all.'


'But she quickly threw such thoughts out into the sky.'


'She picked a nail and pricked her finger letting a single drop of blood drop into my skin.'


'A strange sound was made when the blood touched my back, waves of magical light appeared in my back as if she had tossed a stone into a lake.'

'A symbol slowly appeared on my back, it was a large fire burning in a chalice, representing her role in Heaven to look after the sacred flame.'

(Or something like that)

'After the symbol appeared, Hestia's body shook.'


"What happened? Hestia-sama?.... Hestia?"

'After I called her name several times, she snapped out of her strange state and said:'

"It's nothing… I was just slightly surprised because it was my first time doing something like this."

'She picked up a piece of paper and passed the information of my stats into it.'

'After she got off me, I got up and looked at her.'

'She is rather serious… I wonder what she saw there.'

'She wouldn't show disappointment right? Or could it be that I am so badass that she lost her breath?'

"Here! We are done."

'She handed me the paper.'


This is it! My stats!


Mellios Silver


Strength H 100

Vitality H 100

Dexterity H 100

Agility H 100

Magic H 100


>Magnum Opus Ambrosia


>Vit Alhjin

>Infir David Missimus

(I follow Latin but sometimes I will mix some words. I will even use other language words.)


Ohhhh! That's what I am talking about! Two skills and Magic!

Looks like I am a Genius... Sigh... Being so great is often hard...

Enough jokes.

Ambrosia?! Why did it appear here of all places? But what are those other two Skills?

Perhaps the skill system saw something hidden deep in my soul? Or did the Ambrosia had a special effect that ended up affecting my soul, and that materialized as this magic?...

(Both are similar, I know.)

'I looked at Hestia to see she was on the verge of tears, but she ended up wiping them and looking at me with a serious expression.'

"Did something happen?"

"Its… Nothing."

'Hestia did her best to keep a serious expression, but what she saw in the "skill memories" was quite shocking...'

(There are some inconsistencies here, like, there couldn't be any Skill memories because, in the first place, the MC never got Falna, so he couldn't have any Skills unless they just manifested.

But I will make a special circumstance that I will slowly develop in the future.)

"Let's start with the explanation! I am sure you are curious about them!"

'I nodded.'

"First your Stats. As you can see, they are all H-100, something rather incredible since everyone starts at I-0."

"That's due to your skill, Vit Alhjin. It's a skill that greatly strengthens your body. Raising all of your stats by one level permanently. This means that you will always start at H-100 instead of i-0. This skill also has the perk of reducing the difficulty to Level the stats values."

"For example, for you, raising your skills from H to G, is the same as another adventurer raising their Stats from I to H. One Level higher, but the same difficulty."

"That's… Incredible." I replied

It's a skill made to make me get stronger faster. It should be easier to get my Stats to S rank now… But faster is rather vague.

If it would take me a year to Level one my Stats to S rank, now it will take 11 months. The first stat grade is the easiest to level up after all.

After many years, this Skill would have saved me an entire year of hard work plus all of the free Stats it provides me. It's 500 Stats for every Level up... Although as I said, many years in the future...

'Hestia nodded and continued'

"But it brings a big problem… You can't use normal magic, and most buff magics are also weaker on you depending on their type."

"Please, never try to use normal magic, the side effects are too great."

"There is one interesting thing about this though. Because of this skill's effects, you gain a passive "resistance" towards magic in general. As for how strong and effective it is… That I can't answer."

So this is where all of my problems come from… Passive magic resistance? That's a good way to put it. It isn't too significant, but that might be because I was Level 0.

"I know… Since when I was a child, I was never capable of using magic anyway."

"Did you try to use it?"

"Yeah, my Grandmother was a mage so she tried teaching me many times. We can talk about my childhood later, let's continue."

'Hestia was a bit pissed off because I cut off the story in the middle, but she continued nonetheless.'

"This brings us to your exclusive magic… I… Can't really explain what it is, since I have never seen something like that before. It seems to be a skill that allows you to modify a part of your body to cast some sort of magic…"

"That's pretty much it. What you saw earlier was this skill in action. I have had this since a few years ago when it awakened."

"! It's very rare to be born with an exclusive magic!"

'As it is having two Skills from the get-go...'

'Hestia seemed really excited.'

"My grandma said the same."

'Now we arrive at the end, but Hestia seemed rather grumpy about this skill.'

"This… This skill is… You get more Exilia when fighting big monsters."


That's all?

"Can you please elaborate? I can't really work with just this."

"... There isn't anything else to elaborate on…"

'She seemed rather evasive.'

(Notes N1)

She is so bad at hiding things... Is it because she just descended and isn't used to communication?

I have to push her. I need to know everything about myself if I want to grow properly…

Even if she is hiding information to protect me.

'I placed my hands on her shoulder and said:'

"Please, tell me the truth. I don't know why you are hiding it. But I need to know everything about myself if I want to improve."

This is rather embarrassing... and awkward.

'Hestia was conflicted, she desired that her first adventurer became the strongest and shinned with glory. But she also wanted him to be safe and sound at all times.'

'Even though she knows that's just wishful thinking.'

'She didn't want to be left alone again.'

"Sigh… You win."

"Thank you…"

"But promise me! Promise me you aren't going to throw yourself in unpredictable situations just for this skill!"

"I never had any intention of killing myself. I can't go to Heaven when my goddess just descended, right?"

'She blushed a little but didn't seem convinced, yet, she accepted it for now.'

"Infir David Missimus, massively increases Excelia gain when fighting stronger monsters in challenging ways… The more despairing the situation seems, the stronger the effects get. Winning impossible battles increases the chances of rewards."


Damn… Time to go to the Dungeon in my Pajamas…


'Hestia jumped at me and pressed me into the sofa while pulling my cheeks.'

"I noticed your look! You just thought about something dangerous!"

"I didn't! I swear at my pure soul!"


Jesus Christ, her boobs are enormous… And the consistency…


"Don't worry Hestia. I am only Level 1 right now."

"Say the guy who challenged Goliath…"


Oh yeah... Gods can read the Exilia and see its memory… Exilia? I couldn't have gathered any previously... I will ask her about this later.

(I don't remember where I read this, but Gods can seemingly read the Exilia in order to see the adventures have passed through.)

Does she know about my past lives?...

'She was still pulling my cheeks...'

I don't think so.

"I won't do it again… At least until I am Level 2..."

'She still seemed pissed.'

Do you think I will let you take control of me like Bell? You wish!... Although I kinda like this feeling...

'I easily overpowered Hestia and picked her in a princess carry and said:'

"Let's leave this for later, we still need to clean the church and it's still New year! So let's commemorate for now."

'Hestia's face was completely red.'


'I put her on the ground and said:'

"First, let me show you some of the things I can do. After seeing them, I think you are going to agree with me that I am not really in danger in the Dungeon."

"That doesn't mean I am taking the Dungeon lightly. I am not a fool."

Time to shine.






Once again, this is a misconception on my part, but I decided to keep it. Pretty much, there are floors in Babel where low-Level artisans may sell their craft. But it was shown pretty early in the anime, so the Mc forgot.

(Just a petty excuse, but it happens when I am constantly going back to change and add information.)


Hestia is NOT dumb, she is lazy yet hardworking when the situation needs her. I do know why people seem to dislike her though. Her competition, Ais, is simply way better because there isn't much to hate about her. Although I am not into silent/airhead girls...

With some exceptions... My taste englobes all


Hestia church is on the west side of Orario close to the West road, that's why Bell always passed in front of The HF and got Syr's Bentos.

There was also the fact he liked passing by that place. But that is another reason.


I imagine many men tried to make advances on her in heaven but she refused them all. She might be used to men up close on her, but not in this particular situation where she is promptly getting close to a guy.

N1- (Because she only had two weeks of training, I will say that she still doesn't know how to hide information. Even after she had several months of training in the original show, she still didn't know she could actually hide the Status info.)


I had to give him at least one growth-type skill, so I made it in a way that he needed to put himself in danger. Otherwise, it would take 1-2 years for every Level up if we want an mc that maximizes his Stats.

And yes, he has to maximize his stats, otherwise, he would be pretty mediocre later on. At least one or two.

This is it! The end of the prologue. Volume 1

I know some of you may be disappointed while others are happy, this is normal when you are reading a book you like.

At the time I am writing this, I truly hope none of you trash-talked me for this outcome, I truly do.

Hestia just ended up being the best of all options available, so I created a situation that made her descend earlier. This is what fanfic is all about, changing the original.

Some may say that staying with Hestia is the same as the original, but I quite like this outcome.

For me, not staying with Hestia is the same as not going to UE in the Boku no hero world.

Every fanfic goes there, but the paths they choose is what makes the fic enjoyable.

The Goddess is an incredibly important point for the story, and I think choosing anyone else might make things too difficult for me. So I am sorry, I like Hestia and I am lazy.

Imagine having to write the reactions and interactions of everyone in the Loki Familia… Not only the effort but the number of chapters that would be wasted on them...

Hephaestus would be better since there isn't a lot of focus on her, but I would still have to explore her Familia a little bit.

Not like I am not going to do that, but this start allows me to proceed with things gradually.

Sorry if this was not what some of you expected, but this is a story I am mostly writing for my own enjoyment. And after several weeks of thinking and brainstorming about which goddess he would choose. I ended up with Hestia because I enjoy writing about her.

So please don't trash talk the story just because I chose Hestia, it's childish. If you don't like the story, then state a proper reason other than "I don't like this character so this story is trash!".

If you can't do that then just leave before making my day and everyone's worse by having to read through your complaints.


I hope you all enjoyed what I did so far, and that you can all help me improve the story even more!

If everyone unanimously hates this outcome, then I may change the story.

Thank you for your understanding! Now or the real notes


I will properly explain things like Leveling and stats in the next chapter. I will also go through some other minor things.

I tried to make Hestia less clingy here since the Mc personality wouldn't allow for that and because he met with Hestia wayyyy before she got completely hopeless in recruiting an adventurer.

Loki and Freya are in for some bad time…

Send me your ideas for Familia members, or if he should remain alone.

In fact, send me your ideas for anything really.

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