60 Chapter 60

" So... your name is Boruto? "

" Yes. "

" Can I ask you something? "

" Yes "

" Do you have weapons that could instakill a Low Kage? "

" No "

" Is that so... you seem interesting. " Mitsuki said and raised his hand to cover his mouth and smiled behind it.

" So, what is it like being in Sound Village? " Boruto asked while neglecting the interesting part he said. " It's... peaceful. "

" Ha... So how about we go and eat Ramen, and after that, I will show you some important places in the Village, and finally we can go to your new home. " Boruto asked.

" As you wish, Boruto. " Mitsuki said with a smile. ' Ahhh... creepy. ' Boruto thought while looking at him.

After that, Boruto showed him all the places in Konoha, like the Hospital, Library, Academy, some famous and cheap restaurants with tasty food, and some shops where you can find essentials for daily life.

Timepass by, both of them reached Mitsuki's apartment. " This is is your apartment. I hope you are like it. Also, when are you going to attend Academy? "

" Day after tomorrow. " Mitsuki said while placing his clothes in the cupboard. " Is that so, then I am leaving. I hope you had fun today. "

" Hehe... yes, I had fun, Boruto," said Mitsuki with his creepy trademark smile. Boruto didn't say anything, but internally he wanted to stay away from this guy.

' In the cannon, Mitsuki wanted to meet Boruto to see if he is his sun or not. I didn't understand why Mitsuki was this interested in Boruto when I watched the show, but now I can clearly say that this guy is 100% Homo. ' Boruto thought while running away from Mitsuki's apartment.

As Boruto was going towards his home, he heard noises of people screaming. He went near the place and saw a man spitting fire from his mouth at random people.

Suddenly Boruto's vision became a blur, and he started to see a purple aura around the man. ' Finally, my Jogan activated again. I must grab this chance and figure out how to activate this thing on my own. ' Boruto thought and went near the crazy man.

There was a ninja with a Kuni in his hand trying to capture the crazy man Boruto went near the Ninja and asked. " Hey, do you need a hand? "

" WOOO... ha, it's just a kid? Kid, get out of here. This man here had gone crazy. " the Ninja said to Boruto as he didn't want the kid in front of him to get hurt.

" Thanks, uncle, but I think I can also be a little help. " Boruto said and went a little closer to the crazy man who was now thrashing a shop.

" KID?... ARE YOU CRAZY- " the Ninja stopped speaking because he was utterly shocked by the scene. The kid, who he thought was defenseless, took out four golden chains from his chest and caught the man.

The four golden chains are now wrapped around the man, immobilizing him. ' WHA- what the hell? Who is this kid? Wait- blond hair, blue eyes, now that I think about it, the kid looks similar to Lord Seventh... '

The Ninja again looked at Boruto, as Boruto was intensely looking at the crazy man as if he wanted to see every part of that man's body.

The crazy man wrapped around the golden chain struggled for some time and finally lost his consciousness. Seeing this, the Ninja went closer to Boruto and asked him.

" Hey kid, is that guy ok? " the Ninja asked as he thought that kid might know something. " No, this guy is in serious trouble. Someone played with his mind, and his Chakra is going down at an alarming rate. Can you take this guy to the Hospital? "

" Yeah, sure, kid. " the Ninja said to Boruto as he took the man and went off from the place.

Boruto was looking in the direction where the Ninja was going and thought. ' So my Sealing Chains can block the connection between the person and Nue. This information can be helpful. But still, I couldn't open the Jogan myself.

Should I really have to get Karma from that fucking alien to activate Jogan myself? ' Boruot thought as this provides another reason to make that alien implant Karma on him.

Boruto has some ideas about how to kill Momoshiki's soul if he implants Karma in his body.

Boruto went straight home and spent some time resting and watching TV with his mother and sister. As for Himawari, she couldn't stick five leaves on her face using Chakra, so she was not getting a Jutsu.

" Don't get depressed. You will get it soon. " Boruto said, trying to encourage his sister. Himawari looked at her brother and asked. " Oni-chan, how much time did you take to stick five leaves on your face? "

Himawari asked to clarify if she was talented like her brother, " Me? I did that on my first try, and not everyone is as genius as your brother, HAHAHA... "

Seeing her brother laughing, Himawari felt sad, but it soon got replaced with anger seeing her brother laughing like that. She let out a tear from her eyes, but suddenly her eyes turned white with veins popping near them.

" Lock on. " Himawari said with two fingers pointing at her brother's stomach. " HAh... Hima, why are you UGH!!! " Before he could say anything, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach, and the last thing he remembers is that Himawari had white eyes looking at him with an angry expression.

Hearing the shout of Boruto, Hinata came into the hall and shouted. " WHAT HAPPENED!!?... BORUTO!!! " seeing that her son was lying like a dead person on the floor.

As she looked near Boruto, she saw her daughter, who had an angry expression, but what's shocked her was that her daughter had Byakugan.

After a second, her daughter lost consciousness and fell. Hinata ran fast towards Himawari and checked her to see if there was something wrong. As for Boruto, she knows that he would be fine.

" Haa... it's only Chakra exhaustion. She must have used all her Chakra forcefully awaken the Byakugan. " Hinata said to herself and thought that Himawari would wake up after a few hours or tomorrow morning.

She lifted Himawari and placed her on a sofa. Hinata turned her head and looked at Boruto, who was lying on the ground. She went near him and examined him.

' She must have hit his Tenketsu point. I don't think he would wake up until morning. ' Hinata thought and lifted her son and placed him on his bed in his room.

She looked at him one last time and said. " It was a happy day. Why does it have to end like this? "