1 Prologue

Hi, my name is Kurai Taiyo right now I am 12 and watching Boruto. Many people hate it but I am obsessed with it. When people ask why I just say "Boruto and Mitsuki." They are the only reason I am watching the show.

Taiyo: "Mom can I please have 20 dollars to go to the convenience store."

Then she hands me the money.

Mom: "Please stay safe and look both ways before crossing the road."

Taiyo: "Thank you mom I will see you in a few."

Then I walk out the door and started to head to it.


Wow, now it is time to go home if I hurry I can watch Boruto faster. I then started to run across the crosswalk. Then I hear a bam! and I feel myself being pushed back super hard. My vision started to get blurry and I hear screams and my vision turned black.


I wake up in a room full of white I then see a person.

Taiyo: "Well where am I now I should have listened to my mom."

God: "So young soul I decided to reincarnate you with 3 wishes and you can go to any world."

Taiyo: "Does the appearance and back story count as wishes or not."

God: "No they don't count as a wish."

Taiyo: "Okay I want to go to Boruto world. My wishes are 1st is I want a system with Status, Inventory, Shop, and Missions. 2nd one is I want the amount of chakra of Naruto and Sasuke times two. The final wish is I want perfect chakra control. For my appearance, I want to be 12 and be male but look female. I want blond hair that fades into blue. My back story is My parents were heading to the Leaf Village when bandits attacked. In the end, I was the only one to escape. I also want it to be at the start of the show. The last thing I want my name to be Yuki."

God: "One thing child for the shop you can only buy things of that world. That is all now bye young soul hope you have a happy life."

Taiyo: "Well thank you for this and bye."

Then my vision turns black once again.


In a forest, you can see a person sleeping and covered in blood. This forest is by the Leaf Village. For a while, you can see the person flinching their eyes.


I started to wake up and the light blinded me.


That must be the system then a screen appears in front of me.

[New Quest: Go and find the Leaf Village

Reward: 5 levels and 100,000 Roy

Failure: Starvation

Time Limit: 3 days]

Now it all begins well I need to hurry.

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