15 CHAPTER 15: *Slurp*Slurp*Slurp*


[AN: Guess where he is.]

I woke up as I feel some lewd sound and movement at my body.

I look at my below and stare for a long time. I look at it while processing my thought what is really happening.

"Lord are you playing my life..? No???.....THEN WHY IS MY MOM FROM THE ORIGINAL WORLD IS THE ONE WHO IS SUCKING MY DICK!!.. not that I hate it, I actually like it as this is my mom who I work hard just to get her hole...., it just that I'm confused why you send me back again in here?" I ask that question and just stare at the ceiling, After a few seconds not getting an answer, I sigh... and just enjoy what is in front of me.

[ AN: As a horny author, I'm a gentleman that will not leave any woman behind who need my help. ]

"Good morning mom~" I greet my original mom while groaning as she really good at sucking my dick.

'Is this the power of the great milf?'

I didn't mention these before but my mom leonora who is the prime minister of the Ara country has been widowed when my little sister was born.

My dad was on his way of coming home when he suddenly heard that mom is giving birth, he drives fast as he was happy to greet his new daughter, but..... before he can come home he got into an accident.

The news say that it was an accident, but with Mom connection as a prime minister of the country of Ara.

She found some evidence that it was a well made plan by some organization that is eyeing her position.

Mom look devastated when she heard about that. I feel sad for mom so I always stay at her side and make my mom happy again, she smiled always when I make her happy but she only give me a fake smile to reassure me.

I was 7 years old at that time while my older sister is 10, we are home schooled when dad died, I don't know what is the reason why we are being home schooled so I asked my mom why.

After asking mom so many times, she finally answer my question when she is drunk at the house.

So I researched in the internet of how to make a widowed woman happy. After researching for weeks I finally found the answer, that's is to satisfy the needs of my Mom, so starting from that time, I grow up with a determination to be an alpha of the men's so one day mom will accept me.

But when I accomplished my mission, I suddenly get transfer in the black clover where I don't know about and when I finally fuck my other Mom in that world who always give me blue balls since I was a kid, you transfer me again to my original world? F*ck you're really good kami-sama!

But for now, I need a way how to go back to the black clover world. No, let's just not think about it.

Anyway enough of that, let's enjoy this hungry mother of mine and just continue the explanation after this.

After I greet mom, she stop eating my dick and look at me with a bright face and greet me

"Good morning Neo-chan."

"Ahhhh!! my eyes ah!" I cover my eyes when I see my mom face, who are shining brightly after our sex in that night.

Mom who see my action got worried and run at my side, but fell down as her legs still limp from our hard night. She fell down at my body with our faces nearing that I can smell her breath.

Mom didn't mind it as we even fuck each other last night, "Are you okay son."

Mom said that her breath who smell gardenia flow to my nose, I have the impulse to push her down right now, but I have to hold myself if I want my mom to love me truly. I don't want her to see mo who only found her as a sex mom.

"Mom, it's just that your face is too beautiful that I might get addicted looking at it ." I said at her while my eyes staring at her eyes.

Mom feels butterfly at her stomach as it was been decade since a man she love said that to her.

"Mou..Neo you made me worried for nothing" Mom said cutely which surprising for a 39 years old woman, but with her face who look like 29 while her body is also a top milf give me really a boner.

Mom who feels my saber waking up look at me and smiled mischievous.

I have a bad feeling about her smile so I hold her waist tightly and just keep looking at mom.

Mom who feel my hand stop her smile that made me let her go, but once I did that mom lips smile again and she immediately stand up before I can hold her.

"How cute" She said, then run outside of the door while her legs keep wiggling.

I sigh and look at my saber who also have a face and say "how cute"

I glare at my dick and take an action of punching then coating my hand with my fire magic but stop when I thought that it was my dick.

"W-wait" I look at my hand who are still glowing red.

How can I used magic that was only existed in a fantasy world? I question myself but also got another surprised when I found my grimoire beside pillow. Does it mean I can use my magic freely in this world also? I ask myself again while my heart beat heavily.

I got excited from these thought that I unconsciously pull the blanket apart.

Even my physical power was the same in that world! I might create my own avengers in the future. GAHHAHHAHA

I go out of my room when I finish testing and see mom wearing some apron.

I have the desire to jump at mom so I sneakily walk behind her back, but... before I can do that, I notice that my older sister who are sitting on her seat while my little sister who also worn an apron putting some breakfast at the table are looking at me, While mom at the kitchen is laughing. I look at her but she just stick her tongue out.



With my enhanced ability I can easily noticed that there are people in the room but women can really dulled one sense. Now I know why some great men in the past had been played from the hands of their wife and even died on it.

I cough and greet them happily as if nothing happen.

"Good morning shizuka."

"Good morning mikan."

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