90 The Bookstore, and The Author Encounter

Rifurizu capital, the royal city of Berun. The trait of this town is using [White] to say the least. At any rate the townscape is white. From the building's walls to stone pavings, even reaching the stairs, are anyhow white. It has a feeling similar to Mykonos Island or Santorini Island in Greece.

A remarkably white Rifurizu castle is visible in the center of the city facing the sea like a port. It is a very beautiful capital with its blue sea and white streets. The reflection of the sun is too dazzling though, I would really want some sunglasses.

Maa, since I did not come here for sightseeing this time, I quickly turn towards the bookstore. Because I've already been here before [Moon Read] opened, I arrived at the bookstore without getting lost.

Opening a solemn door, I go inside. It is a considerably large bookstore, having books from old ones to new ones. There is only a black-haired woman by herself sitting on the counter seat. U, a woman~. No, even if it was a man there'd still be hesitation to buying this kind of books.

Well it doesn't matter, let's have this clerk-san collect everything already.

「Excuse me, I'm searching for some books, you see 」

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「Hai, could you please tell me the title so I can look for it?」 (tl: very polite speaking manner here)

「These are the books」

Taking out the memo from the breast pocket, I hand it over to the clerk-san at the counter.

「E~tto, [Knight Order of Rose], [A Butler's secret]...」

Gradually, the clerk-san's voice became tinier, and she began to look at my face intermittently. It was not an unpleasant face, but she is making eyes similar to those women who entrusted me with the list for [Moon Read]. Sparkling. Dazzling.

Are? Even if it's not possibly the case, do I look like [that kind of person]?

「Etto, you see. I need to look for the books you have requested」

「… I see. Okay, I understand」

Wait a minute. What exactly do I understand? It is not some selfish explanation. I'm not making excuses, just the truth.

「Since I will go to prepare them, please wait just a little while」

With a very gentle smile the clerk-san disappeared into the inner book storage. I will never understand it, that.

Since I'll be waiting for who knows how long in front of the counter, I pick up a basket and look for books. I have to make sure the ordinary genres will be delivered as well. The way things are going, it will be corroded by that kind of thing.

Going to stories section, I place books of adventures and military historical documents, [ordinary] love stories and strange tales in the basket.

When I returned to the counter after doing one round, there was a pile of books. I'm wondering if someone arranged these. Is what I was thinking but the clerk-san and a female customer were arguing about something.

「I'm sorry. This is the last in stock, the next arrival of goods has not yet been set」

「Such a~....」

The woman leans on the counter with the feeling of crumbling down at any minute. She was just about 20 years old, with bright chestnut-colored hair in a single braid kept in place with an expensive-looking barrette. She was wearing a plain but expensive-looking cardigan and skirt. Probably a noble. When the clerk notices me, she turned a smile.

「Ah, customer, the requested items are all being put together. Are you buying those as well?」

「Ah, hai. Please include these as well」

I pile up the books I had on the counter.

「Eh? Are you the person who bought [Rose Magi] ?」

Holding onto the counter up to now, the woman energetically rises up and gazes at me. [Rose Magi] ? Aah, is it the [Rose-Colored Magical] mentioned in the memo?

「What in the world is going on?」

「Haa, it is about the last volume of [Rose-Colored Magical] ordered by customer, this is the last one in stock, and this lady came here to buy it as well and.... 」

Aah, so that's how it is. This is that thing where you miss a purchase by a hair's breadth.

Maa, it's a pity but you have no choice but to give it up. Even I can't do anything with this situation since it is the last volume.

「Excuse me, the last volume of [Rose Magi], won't you hand it over!?」

「No, I came here to buy it as well, you see」

The woman, who apparently has not given up turns and bows at me, but of course I refuse her.

「This is the last one. In other bookstores it has already been sold out….」

「But, even if you say it like that...」

Suddenly the woman before my eyes takes notice of pile of book I bought.

「.... Did you buy [Knight Order of Rose] as well?」

「Eh? Aah, Well」

She checks the other titles of the books from the pile. Before long she turns to face me, with eyes sparkling the same way as the clerk-san from before. Does this fellow misunderstand something as well?

「You have a considerably good discerning eyes, don't you 」

「It is different. You are misunderstanding something. Those are requested items, It is not my hobby」

「Eeh, I understand. I understand」

(tl: no, she doesn't)

You absolutely don't understand. Stop smirking. This woman customer was pondering for a short while, and before long went in the direction of the corner of counter and beckoned me to come.

「What is it?」

「Let's make a deal. If you hand over the last volume of [Rose Magi], how about I write my autograph on all the volumes of [Knight Order of Rose]?」

「Ha ?」

What the heck? How does that become a bargaining chip?

「What do I gain to have you write your autograph?」

「That's because I am the author of [Knight Order of Rose], Riru Rifurizu!」

(tl: I can't call her Lilu, or Liru. It doesn't quite lie on tongue. anyone have any ideas?)

E~hem, this woman sticks out her chest. … It is a splendid one... About the same as Yae's… wait, that's not it.

「He~, is that so」

「Ah, You don't believe me, do you?」

That's right. What's the likelihood of meeting the person in the bookstore, who is the author of the book you came to buy. Besides, I heard from Yumina about the author and know who she is. Fumu, should I ask a leading question?

「So that means, you are the Imperial Princess Ririeru?」


The face of the self-proclaimed author-san of [Knight Order of Rose] becomes blank. As I thought, is she a fraud?

And, when I thought of that, sweat begins to pour endlessly from her face, and she began flap her mouth open and close like a goldfish. Are?

「Wh~, Wh~, wh-wh-wh, why…. ! Even father-sama doesn't know…..」

Eh, seriously…. ? Is she really the person herself?

「My, my true colors have been found out… Wa! I'll be threatened, used a stepping stone to approach my immature younger brother who is the next king, my chastity will be snatched away, to own this country…!」


「Ouch ! ? 」

I have chopped with all my might the rotten head discharging delusions. It doesn't matter that she's the princess! I chop her once again!

「Ouch ! Wha~, What for ! ?」

「Shut up! If I didn't hear about this from Yumina I would have completely ignored this. If this is the country's princess, will this country be fine!」

「Yumina ? By Yumina, you mean Belfast's Yumina? Who in the world are you….. ?」

While holding her head and crying, Princess Ririeru looked this way in wonder. She should be the older one, but it seems I've already lost all motivations to use honorifics. Even if she's older, it's just by one or two years so it doesn't matter.

I take a deep breath to calm down my feelings.

「I am Mochizuki Touya. Belfast Princess, Yumina-hime's fiance. Still unofficial though」

「Eee!? Fi~ fiancé, fiancé you say, that child is marrying!?」

Though she was looking at me completely surprised, her eyes soon start swimming, and she began to act like she was thinking about something.

「Eh? But Yumina, that girl… are? E~tto, a fake marriage…? The true aim of His Majesty The King or something? 」

「It is not that at all !」

「Ouch ! ?」

It is quite a long way off, you know ! Aaa, it is tiresome already !

Going back to the counter, I pay the price for the all the books. It was done finely, and since it was cheaper than the reward and the materials sold from the crab subjugation, there is no problem.

After putting those away in [Storage], I take Princess Ririeru along outside. In front was a splendid carriage, perhaps with the attendants and bodyguards.

I open the [Gate] behind the store, and bring along Yumina and Kohaku.

「It has been a while, Riri-ane-sama」

「Yumina!? Eh? When did you get to Rifurizu!?」

「Sorry. Yumina. I'll leave the explaining to you. Kohaku, guard them. Tell me if something happens」


Leaving behind Yumina and Kohaku, I jump to the [Workshop] this time. Taking the last volume of [Rose Magi] out of the [Storage], I copy it and immediately return to Yumina and the others with it.

I hand over the book to Ririeru who was surprised at my sudden appearance.

「Here, with this there won't be problems」

「Eh, is that okay? Didn't you want…」

「Like I said it's different! In the first place I came to buy it for the shop! I'm not interested in these myself!」

「Overemphasizing it so much…. No, it is nothing」

When I was preparing to raise my chop-hand, Ririeru shut her mouth.

It is fine already, let's return. I open the [Gate] to my own home. Jumping in one step ahead, Kohaku crossed over to the other side.

「Well then, Riri-ane-sama. Stay healthy. Let's meet again」

「Yumina too. Invite me to your marriage ceremony」

If possible, I'd prefer it if you didn't come, but without breathing out a word about it, I hid it behind an expressionless mask.

Going through the [Gate], I return to my home. With a thump I drop my back on the couch in the living room in exhaustion.

「Uaa~, so tired~...」

However, the source of said tiredness is not from the subjugation of the crab… Lindsey brought water with ice before such me.

「Thank you~」

「…No, thank you for your hard work」

I drink the water she brought in one gulp. Kaa~ delicious. I was gradually savoring the cold water, but Lindsey restlessly did not move from her spot. What now?

「…. And, that….. Book, did you manage to get it?」

Aah, so that's it. You wanted to read it. I take out today's harvest from storage and pile it on top of the table.

「I asked Rosetta and had her make several copies of each volume in advance. If there is anything that Lindsey wants, it's fine to tell Rosetta and have her increase the amount」

「Hai !」

Giving a good answer, Lindsey goes out from the living room to call Rosetta. As for Rosetta, she has the ability to move to the [Workshop], and since there is a [Gate] leading to this house from [Babylon], my magic might be unnecessary.

I go to the kitchen to hand the leg of the defeated Bloody Crab to Claire-san, and she received it with great pleasure. Today will be crab pot.

I'm going to rest for a while until then. I return to my room, I return to my room, and when I collapse onto the bed and close my eyes, that good feeling of drowsiness attacked me swiftly. Guu.


The next day, [Moon Read] displayed a flourishing business like never before. They must have heard of the rumors, because it seems there were people who have been standing in line before the shop opened. Because it seemed like all the newly acquired books were popular and it became a struggle, it couldn't be helped that who knows how many copies had to be made in a hurry.

The rising popularity of the shop is a good thing, but somehow unsatisfying.

U~mu, as I thought, I will entrust this shop to Lindsey, and maybe open a second shop.

Incidentally after several months, it seems the author of [Knight Order of Rose] released a new series.

For the sake of taking over the country where there was a man who had an all-purpose ability, a knight of that country, a beautiful princess, and her younger brother, they point their fangs at each other, it seems to be a story of pushing their way to the top. I had Lindsey show it to me, but the illustration exquisitely resembled me. I'm sure that's harassment. Next time we meet I'll show sympathy on that rotten head with a [Gravity] chop. Prepare yourself.

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