1 How beautiful

The golden bright sun giving all of its warmth across the land as it clung unto the edge of the horizon

Soon the sun was nowhere to be seen as what hung in the skies were the luminous moon and sparkling stars.

The beautiful sunset was what welcomed Christian as he finally got transorted here in this brand new world.

"How Beautiful..."


It was then Christian found out that he wasn't alone here. Beside a few meters from him was girl in a white dress who also just found out about him. Both of them looked at each other eye to eye.

They stared into each other for a while in surprise and wonder. No one knew how long have they been staring into each other as that instant meeting seemed like an eternity for them.

Why is she here? Christian was the first one to release him self from the trance only to find himself in a dilemma. Was this what God meant? Isn't this too soon?

He became extremely nervous as he didn't know what to say. Meanwhile the was also similarly looking to him with discerning eyes.

Noticing the strange atmosphere Christian decided to break the ice first.

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"Mj, is that you? Said Christian as he tried to calm himself.

The girl didn't seem to be as nervous as Christian and replied in a perfectly calm manner.

"Eh? W-what are you doing here!?"

Oops maybe not so calm after all.

"Huh!" Christian was shocked by sudden outburst making him not knowing what to do now.

"What are YOU doing here?" So he could only return back the question to her..