1 I'm Dead??..

"Kaze wake up you can't miss the first day of school." mom calls from down stairs

I get out of bed and head towards the washroom to clean myself up, as I eat breakfast I realize I'm going to be late.

upon arriving late for class my teacher introduced me to everyone.

"This is you new transfer student."

"Hi I'm Kazetani Hisamitsu age 17, I hope we can get along."

"Kazetani why don't you sit over there in the back table" said the teacher

I had the feeling I was going to be placed there, I mean my grades are the lowest of low, "life sucks".

after a boring day at school, I walk towards the vending machines I usually go to, to grab a coffee, I found a coffee someone had left in the machine. "Man what a lucky day" I pop the lid and take a sip.

In that instant I knew something was wrong. My body felt weak I couldn't move my hand or my arms, I fell to the ground. I knew the instant there was something in the coffee.

As I open my eye I see a white ceiling and my mom crying. I'm thinking Sorry mom.

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And my vision starts to go black, I knew it I was dead.

as my vision was going black, I see a yellow light shining in the darkness, as it gets brighter....

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