4 Griffin? are you sure it's not a bird.

the swordsman and I were badly hurt. I started to speak automatically chanting a spell, in a instant my wounds were healed.

one of the mages started to chant what looked like to be a healing spell on the swordsman.

The other swordsman and mage started to launch attacks against the Griffin, but it wasn't doing much.

I decided to take action, I grabbed the sword on the ground left by the wounded swordsman and threw it at the Griffin.

No damage was dealt, it seems like my swordsmanship skills were not good, so I started to chant the same spell the other mage was saying thinking it may do something.

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I felt power surge within me, my finger tips started to feel hot. A circle started to form in front of my hand, it was a fireball the fire ball that I created looked several times larger than the other mage's.

when I thought it was ready I threw it at the Griffin, and hit it right by the head. The Griffin starts to fall and landed on the ground.

"That was amazing" the healer said.

the mage looked shocked to see a attack of this size and stood in silence.

And the journey continued as we head to the Capital with the Griffin on our caravan..

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