1 Finally, It's my turn.

In the beautiful and wide blue sky, You can see a little dot falling very fast. This little dot is, in reality, a young man who seems to be in his twenties.

The young man has short black hair with its color that seemed like the color of the darkness. Contrary to his hair, he has green eyes and a little orange in the center which made it look like a fire burning inside him.

what is more shocking is that the young man who is falling from the sky didn't have a parachute which means that he is falling to his death.

"Sigh, of all the deaths I imagined, I never thought of being thrown from a plane. death really outsmarted me hahaha".

Yes, This young man was thrown out of the plane because of some terrorists. Some hours ago, a bunch of terrorists hijacked the plane he was in and demanded a ransom to be paid so that they can release the hostages.

Unfortunately, the government didn't believe them so to prove their point, they decided to throw someone from the plane and their choice fell on the young man, Aiden.

Aiden was your typical Student/Otaku living in America. He didn't have a very good childhood as his parents were indifferent to him and didn't care about him.

The only good thing in his life is the anime and manga he followed his whole life. He lived in New York and this was his first time leaving the country to go to Japan.

When he reached the age of 20, he decided to go to Japan so he can try and be a mangaka. At first, his parents refused him right away as they wanted him to become a Doctor just like them.

Finally, somehow they decided to let him go to Japan and be a Mangaka under the condition of his manga becoming popular in 2 years otherwise he will return and give up his dream.

Aiden felt really happy and excited. he still didn't understand what changed their mind but He still promised them that he will make sure that His Manga will be very popular.

He wanted to prove to them that he can become someone great without staying in their shadow.

"In the end, I will die without fulfilling my dreams and I will be famous by becoming a meat paste for the world to see".

Aiden is falling very fast and he's nearing the earth. Aiden didn't show his emotions and just started remembering about all his great dreams and how the idea of becoming a Mangaka came to him.

"Ah, I really wonder why I don't show any fear even when I am about to die. Well, I was always like this. Nothing could make me show my emotions aside from my dreams".

Each time Aiden talks about his dream, he becomes a completely different person. He becomes so excited and happy just thinking about it.

"Now that I think about it, I really wanted to go to another world and be Badass. I wanted to be a mangaka so I can create a manga so I can create that world hahaha. It seems like it won't happen".

Just when he thought that he is about to reach the ground, a voice appeared and said in his head.

"How about I help you fulfill your dream and be the person you are destined to be".

Aiden: "What?!!!".

Aiden was suddenly engulfed by a blinding white and disappeared completely. Nothing remained and all signs of Aiden disappeared


Aiden appeared in the middle of what seemed to be a huge white space. Aiden didn't understand what happened as he was sure that he fell from the plane and even saw the whole death when he was falling down.

He only remembered that just before he reached the ground, Aiden heard a voice and the light suddenly came and protected him. Aiden stood from his place and started walking around the place.

A/N: [Imagine the time and space chamber from DBZ but without the little house].

"Hey, is anyone here? Can someone answer me? I want to know where am I? Can you help me?".

Aiden continued to walk and walk aimlessly without any direction. He never stopped walking as his instinct told him that if he stopped, he will die.

Aiden didn't know how much time passed or how much he walked. He only knew that since he came here, he never stopped walking. After a long time of walking, Aiden suddenly heard an elderly voice saying to him.

"You're a really interesting person. all of those who were teleported here start to dissipate and disappear completely yet you stayed here for almost a 1000 years and nothing happened to your soul".

"What are you saying?? Are you talking to me? Show yourself".

When Aiden said that, a green light appeared out of nowhere and then the light started for forming into a person. When The light was forming, Aiden could see that it was a handsome man who looked around his thirties.

"I still don't understand how you are able to stay conscious in this space. It must be related to your lack of emotions of your soul. Well, it doesn't matter that much".

Aiden didn't understand what the man is talking about. looking at the man, he seemed very normal. He has blonde hair, brown eyes, and a light beard only on his chin.

His elderly vice could fool you into mistaking about his age but when looking at him, he doesn't give the feeling of an old man at all but a great man full of vigor.

"Well, hello there. If you are pondering about why you are here and the reason you didn't die then I will answer you gladly. I am the one who saved you just before you reached the ground. I wanted to test you a little so I kept you here for a thousand years to see what happens".

"Thousand years? hmmm, that seems like a really long time but I didn't feel it at all".

"Yeah, time works differently here".

Aiden didn't say anything after that and just looked at the man while thinking about something. Finally, Aiden decided to talk again and said

"You said earlier that my soul lacks emotions. what do you mean by that? Can you also tell me where are we? I also want to ask why did you save me??".

The man stroked his chin as he started to think about how to answer but then he seemed to found something and looked at Aiden while giving a cunning smile.

"You want the answers for the most important questions hahaha. Good, I will answer you. What I meant by your soul's lack of emotions is that they are sealed somehow. You could feel something but it's minimal and it doesn't always happen so you could say that they're not sealed completely but just bottled up".

"That sometimes they show up, sometimes they don't. This may be caused by some traumatic event. Think about it and you may remember".

When Aiden heard that he sighed and looked at the man while waiting for the other answers.

"If you want to heal the damage caused by that event then you must face it again. Well, where you are going you can easily heal yourself. Now, for your second question, we are in place between two worlds. A special dimension called The fate dimension".

Aiden looked at him as he heard what the young man said and for the first time since they started talking, Aiden showed excitement as he looked at him.

"Don't tell me that It's finally my turn???".

"As for the reason why I saved you....hahaha. It's as you thought, I will send you to another world and even give you the chance to have a cheat power".

Aiden looked at him and started laughing and said.

"Hahaha, it's finally my turn to go to another world".

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