1 Home Away From Home

Noone new what was in store for her. All she knew was she had come to start a new life, independently. She had taken this step to change the way things were back home...she wasn't going back ever again...she had to find a nice countryside home and start her own business.

Aaria was a professional chef...had worked 10 years for a renowned Hotel back in her country....but she still was unhappy. She left her job, withdrew all her life's earnings, sold everything she owned packed up and left her country, her home, her friends and her family...

Aaria had bought a plot of land approximately five acres with an orchard, a little herb garden and 1 storey cottage in the center...Luckily it was on distress sale.

The previous owner Mrs.Lin ,an 87 year old lady was selling parts of her property since she had no next of kin.

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Mrs.Lin had owned 20 acres,almost an entire village. She had sold out almost everything except a little two storey old apartment building in the center of market where she stayed which she wanted to donate to the community on her passing.

Aaria had gotten close to Mrs. Lin since she had been only in touch with her and her lawyer Mr.Chapman,a short, stout and arrogant little man.

Mrs. Lin had accommodated Aaria, when she arrived...till the paperwork had completed..Aaria had moved into her new home on New Years Night.

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