2 Personality Flaws

Matt was relieved internally when he saw the notification appear in his mind. This was exactly like the game's interface and the evolution pathways were the same. He had played down every tree and tested most branches of play. However, this wasn't a game that he could simply restart when he lost. He put off thoughts on beginning an evolution path until he stored up enough points. The major downside to evolution was the long period of weakness.

Once he sorted his thoughts, he stored away the vial after labeling it, and made his way toward the cafeteria. Matt had already come up with an idea to acquire some easy evolution points that was impossible in a game. He picked up his meal and asked the chef to prepare his meat 'rare' in the future. Although the purity of genetic material would be extremely low, it was better than trying to sneak a vial of blood from the lab.

Although they only raised pigs and goats, advancements in storage technology made it possible to bring several years' worth of perishable foods. Among the foods brought, steak was Matt's favorite. Originally, he preferred medium rare, but in order to gain evolution points, he asked the chef to begin preparing it rare.

Additionally, bloody sausages were a favorite of the captain, so it would not take much effort to get some servings for himself. However, switching his meal preference so drastically might alert people, so he decided to eat rare meat for a few months before 'discovering' his love for that type of meal. There were some other dishes that may be beneficial, but would be impossible to justify if he was ever questioned.

The moment Dr. Lisinger walked into the cafeteria, Matt nearly smacked himself for getting distracted. He had completely forgotten about the test he had to take in two weeks because of the recent developments. If he did not solve the problem of detection, he was guaranteed to be killed or put into a specimen jar—most likely both. Fortunately, since he discovered the system was identical to the game interface, that meant the hidden skills should still be available.

There is a drug in the game that is intended to kill parasites during the incubation period. Once the parasite has taken over the host, it is no longer effective. However, if the player takes enough of that drug and begins absorbing genetic material, there is a chance to gain the drug resistant skill. This skill is often considered unnecessary since most players will go down the slaughter and hide route. However, Matt had to consider stealth as number one priority.

When the parasite wins the game, the score screen pops up and the game ends. However, this was not a game, it was real life. In order to make sure he won't be hunted down and killed he swore to himself not to slaughter anyone meaninglessly. Because of the rush tactic, no one ever bothered to spend the time to pick up the drug resistance skill. At first, this skill seems mediocre, but it does two things right away, and has the potential to evolve later.

First, drug resistance will naturally hide the signs of his existence in the host body. Second, any drugs used on him would be less effective or negated completely. This would protect him from any unknown dangers. And finally, drug resistance has a chance to mutate to toxin resistance. This will offer protection from poisonous and radioactive compounds.

Now the main issue for Matt was acquiring the drug. In the game there was a kiosk in the medical bay that let you purchase the drug without alerting anyone. However, that wasn't possible here. Matt allowed his perfect mimicry to utilize the original Matt's mind to solve the problem, and surprisingly, it was very simple. Matt could just order a few doses of it for his animals that he suspects might have a parasitic infection. Although very unlikely, it is possible for an intestinal parasite to remain dormant for decades without being detected.

While eating his breakfast, Alexis suddenly sat next to him and pushed him slightly. She was quite the tomboy but Matt found that more attractive. She was the third highest ranking security officer on the ship, so her physique and stamina were a step above most. Although this was a colonizing and exploration ship, the military owned over ninety percent of the assets on board. Therefore, half the crew were military personnel.

In fact, the only civilians would be a few children that were already born between some of the crew. Everyone else was at least a Non-commissioned Officer. Matt made a grimace and an exhausted posture with his body while thinking about the two-week boot camp he was forced to go through with the other doctors. In order to qualify for this mission, everyone needed to go through the training at the very least.

"Thinking about boot camp again?"

"Hah, you can read me like a book."

"I can also tell you've been thinking a lot more today. How 'bout we go for a few rounds to destress?"

"Did Commander Jackson piss you off again?"

"That asshole! He said he would put me on the first strike team if I placed first in the next squad skirmish, but today he pushed the skirmish back another two weeks!"

"Computer, how long is my break?"

"Dr. O'Connely, your break is over."

"Put in request for extension."

After saying that, Matt put his device on 'Do Not Disturb' and led Alexis to a utility closet. Meanwhile, Matt was internally sweating the whole time. Thankfully, the perfect mimicry let his body move on its own and make decisions that Matt would make. However, due to the parasite situation, it seemed he put more stress on the body than usual. This caused the mimicry to seek this stress relief. In his memory, Matt wasn't an overly lascivious person.

'Fortunately, Alexis is a straight forward person and doesn't overthink things like this. I have to be a bit more careful with my mental load. If I think too much, my perfect mimicry will start to deviate from normal behavior.'

After their twenty minutes in heaven, they went different directions as if nothing happened. When Matt returned to his post, Cindy was already there working normally. He realized that she must have been on her way to have lunch but was surprised to not see her in the cafeteria. Although, there were various bars around the ship where one could have simply meals and alcohol. He continued the work he stopped earlier and tried not to delve too deeply into his thoughts.

Once he finished examining the she-goat and the other animals, the day was already ending. Cindy was about to leave but he stopped her.

"Cindy, I think Sheila might have a tape worm, can you order some anthelmintics?"

"Why don't you ask Alexis to do it!?"

"What? She wouldn't know the difference between an anthelmintic and antifreeze… wait are you upset?"

"She takes up your nights already, but surprisingly you went straight to her during our time. You even skipped the picnic we planned in the holodeck. So, you tell me if I'm upset."

Matt suddenly realized what had happened. It wasn't that he purposefully ignored her, its just that the original Matt actually did forget about this date. This was unfair sabotage by a dead person! The worst part is, Cindy was very smart. If he aggravated her, she would start to pick at the holes in his daily life. This was a huge red flag. He needed to remedy the situation immediately.

'Toggle Perfect Mimicry Off!'

[Perfect Mimicry Lv. Max – Status: Off]

With the charms and techniques he learned in college of his previous life, he changed his posture and facial expressions to a suave lady-killer type. He pressed Cindy up against the wall and grabbed her chin. At first, the sudden change in his expression caused her to be shocked enough to let Matt approach. However, when she looked up straight into his eyes and saw the way he looked at her, she couldn't help but blush.

"I'm sorry Cindy. I didn't ignore you on purpose, I forgot. How about I make it up to you right now. Sample room No.4 is currently empty…"

Cindy, who was still shocked, nodded her head like a meek lamb. Matt was confused that the owner's initial assumptions were way off. He gently held her wrist and swept her up into a bridal carry. He used his rear to open the doors along the way, while not forgetting to give her a few kisses on her nose, forehead, and cheek. She was very shy at the way he was treating her up until her clothes were off. Matt then found himself tied to a metal table and Cindy riding him like a cowboy on a wild stallion. After it was over, she returned to her passive, shy state.

"That was great, Matt. Lets put in a request for partnership!"



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