1 Memories of the past...

* •. • * • Angel on • * •. • *

For the advent of the morning, I got up from my bed, going to take a quick shower and put on my casual clothes. In slow, sleepy steps, I passed through the silence of the corridor, then down the winding stairs, which would lead to the main room of the entire Hotel and where most of the staff were.

-Hm ... Good morning? - I said, scratching my eyes.

-Oh, good morning, Angel!- exclaimed Charlie with an excited tone in his voice.

-What are you doing? - I asked, looking at them with a confused look.

-We were giving tasks to Niffty, since she wanted to make everything in the Hotel as tidy as possible! - explained the princess.

-However, she did everything in less than a mere minute, soon after returning to our meeting. We ended up saying what she could do more, however she came back time and time again with everything done. -continued Vaggie, expressing an enormous tiredness in his eyes.

-The worst part is that she always wanted to take care of something!- Said Charlie.

-My dear, Niffty is very experienced and dedicated in everything she does and takes care of! -Confirms, Alastor proud of the little worker, always accompanied by his faithful smile on his face.

-So you still haven't had breakfast yet? -Actually, no.-replied Charlie.

-So, since none of you have eaten yet I will do anything! Well, I'm hungry too!-I said decisively, heading for the kitchen.

-Wait a minute, can you cook?- asked Vaggie.

-I would be bad if I didn't know, otherwise I would go hungry! It's not just my body that is beautiful, my dishes are also! - I confessed, proudly.

-Wait, what? What do you mean?- Asked Husk, completely confused.

-I was a great cook in life, just as in death.-I said, letting out a laugh.

-It's only a lie! Him? Cook? Only when the chickens get teeth and the pigs get wings!-Concluded Husk, convinced.

-It is the truth! Because, ... baby, this little body is not only practical for just one thing, but also for cooking. Just as I know how to do this very first thing very well!-I had said, then straightening my hair on my chest and winking at Husk.

-I don't want to know about these matters anymore!-said Husk disinterestedly, turning his back and going back to his bar.

-Come on, you'll see if I cook well or not! - I said determinedly, walking towards the kitchen in a determined step.

I left the room and went to the kitchen to make a typical American breakfast. Containing some coffees, some pancakes with Acer sauce and berries, accompanied by some fried eggs and some strips of bacon. I wouldn't give Niffty coffee, otherwise it would still explode! I just gave you an orange juice with very little sugar!

I had entered the room with a tray with breakfast all over my hands, and I placed it on a small table in the center of the room.

-Ready, here it is! Taste it and see if I cook well or not!-I said.

-Well, it looks good.-said Charlie, taking a plate of pancakes.

-Actually, Angel, you cook really well! - said Charlie.

-I have to agree, the breakfast made by you, is wonderful! I needed a little venison, which was even better! - said Alastor, smiling as always. -Well, thank you, Malta! You will still taste my Italian dishes! They are "una delizia"! - I said making the typical Italian gesture with one hand!

-Of course! ^^ - said Charlie.

-But my Jambalaya will not be left behind!-Said Alastor determinedly.

-Of course not. We are still going to eat a Jambalaya made by you, calm down! - said, Charlie.

Everyone liked it, even Husk, put some alcohol or vodka, (I couldn't make it out), in the coffe.

We all ate, until Niffty smelled like pancakes and coffee. And she ran up to the room screaming: "COFFE !!", but I didn't let her drink coffee, I don't want her to explode! XD After that I packed up the dishes and washed them. And then Charlie called us all to the room for a statement.

-Listen to me, we are going to need more workers here at the Hotel, I had already talked to Alastor about this and he is right about that, so does anyone have anyone they know who can work here? -Asked the princess.

I started to wonder if there was anyone I knew who needed a job, but the only one I remembered was Sugar Tits (*Cherri Bomb *) but she wouldn't be interested in working in a hotel instead of trying to conquer territory. And I also remembered my sister Molly, but ... I haven't seen her in a long time, her and my brother and my parents ... sometimes I miss them .....

-Well, I have an acquaintance of mine who can do dance or singing shows.-said, Alastor.

-Seriously? And do you know where she is?-Vaggie asked.

-Of course! It's just that we have to have entertainment, and the world is a stage and a stage is a world of entertainment! -He said

-I agree, you happen to be right about that. And do you know more people who can come to work here? -He asked again, Charlie.

-Let me think .... I don't think so, but we all working here will bring more people and some of them may want to work here! - said Alastor.

-Oh okay. So we have to distribute tasks. Okay. I'm going to be the receptionist at the hotel, Husk, Barmen (obviously), Niffty, cleaning lady (obviously also), since Angel cooks well, she can be the cook, Vaggie will be my helper and hotel deputy, while Alastor can be the hotel's Guard and doorman, don't you mind having these tasks?

-It's fine by me.-said Alastor, smiling.

-For me ... also ...- I said being close to the conversation.

-So, all right?-She asked.

Everyone nodded positively.

-Okay, okay. Look, Alastor, are you going to call your acquaintance? -She asked.

-Of course, my dear!-He answered politely.

After the meeting I went to my room still thoughtful because of my family. Were they okay? Did they go to hell too? It's just that after I died, I never saw them again. Was Molly okay? We were both so close. I opened the door to my room, sat on my bed and a few tears started streaming down my face. I had not thought about them for so long, because of my job, the ... Valentino made me forget these matters as he said they were "useless and idiots", and think about sex, sex and more sex. (I didn't like Valentino or anything, and as he ... abused me, I ran away, even my little pig stayed in that studio! He even stole the Nuggets Suit from me.;-;) enjoying my work and I still do today, but I didn't want to forget my family and the people I loved so much, and I love ...

* •. • * • Angel off • * •. • *

* •. • * • Alastor on • * •. • *

Before I went to get my acquaintance, who was Mimzy, the princess, she told me to go and call Angel so he could show her his Italian recipes, to know what the customers would eat, enjoy and he and Vaggie went to the market to buy what he needed so that he could cook and also help him to put the tables of the hotel restaurant on the farm.

I went up the stairs, went to his room and knocked on the door. I heard low sobs.

+You can come in, the door is open.- said the spider inside his room.

I opened the door, and I saw him sitting on the bed, wiping his eyes and they were reddish from probably crying.

-Can I come in?- I asked, standing at the door.

-You can, are you willing ...- he said with his head down.

-What happened?

-Nothing, nothing...- he replied, still holding his head.

- Are you sure? It just doesn't look like it, "I said.

-It was just a few things that I remembered ...- he answered me.

-Oh, do you want to tell me what's going on? -I asked.

-I don't know ...- he replied uncertainly.

-Look, then we do it like this, then if you want to tell me what's going on we talk better, after everyone sleeps like this no one else overhears our conversation, just the two of us, okay?

-Oh, ok.-he replied.

-Just do one thing.-I said.

-What?- he asked.

-Smile, because you are not fully dressed without one! - I said.

-Oh, of course ...- he said wiping his tears and trying to force a smile.

-That's right! You weren't looking like you who I met, and it was this week! - I admitted.

-Yes ...- he said.

-Look at Charllote, he asked you to give him your Italian recipes, that you help him put the hotel restaurant tables on the farm and then go to the market to buy with Vaggie what you need to cook.-I told him .

-Ah, ok, I'm going there.-he said.

-I think after calling my acquaintance, I will ask Charlie so that instead of Vaggie I go to the market with you, so I can get the ingredients for my Jambalaya! ^^ - I said.

-Ah, ok! Go on, then!-He said to me.

I went down the stairs with him behind me, talked to Charlie to go to the market later with the spider, and then I left the hotel and went to get Mimzy to his house.

* •. • * • Alastor off • * •. • *