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Imperium The Odyssey


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Alien pioneers come into contact with a race of primitive people while escaping from their homeworld. In an unknown world of magic and science, the now enslaved Obsidians seek greater power to free themselves from their captors. Alien brothers crash land on Earth escaping their torn homeworld. Are taken in by a high school teacher, the bond forged between the two will be tested beyond anything imaginable. Imperium is set in a distant galaxy colonized by people known as Impurians. On the Primal Continent where ungodly beasts roam. Invaded by space pioneers with no intentions to live peacefully the natural order is put off kilt. The Currants take hold of the Impurians, enslaving them for years on their own world. As the days of oppression pass, the chance for change comes to one woman Dimas. Far beyond the colony, she meets the Specter Imperium who gives her his abilities to do what she wants most… Destroying the system that tormented her and her people, a new way of life emerges. One that will change the planet Imperium forever. The story brings forth the life of love and understanding with no self-ties. Confronted by beings with the opposite intentions. Murder, enslavement, and oppression uproot a virgin world from their way of life. Powerful deities, vicious beasts, and a power struggle to understand their purpose in life (the brothers) bring about about a new society. Imperium tells the tale of a fragmented society brought forth out of reformation and scattering its essence far and beyond. .


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