1 A Sincery Apology and Owed Explainations.

Hello, to anyone who still cares enough to read this.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to the people who gave me feedback on my novel and supported me during my short three-week run. For that, I am eternally grateful.

I kind of disappeared out of the blue without saying anything because I couldn't take it anymore. It was stupid of me to do, but here I will be trying to list my reasons and I hope you can understand.

I began to write for WebNovel after seeing their advertisement for up and coming authors to make a living off of writing. I hate myself for being so naive. Looking back on it now, it was like falling for any other scam on the internet. Stuff like "Doctor's hate him because ... " and "Sign up to win ... " Etc Etc.

As a twenty-three-year-old university student working two jobs, the only time I could fit to write was during the hours of 12 am and 5 am. It was literally killing me to publish chapters as I began to fall asleep in class, and my performance at work got a bit sloppy.

But for the most part, I enjoyed writing the chapters because I loved to write. I loved to publish a chapter and stalk it until someone posted a reply. That moment when the first person said something meant the world to me. Because it meant someone cared that my story existed, and for this reason, I tried to push myself to put out more and more chapters.

Things started to go wrong though, as most things do. Webnovel's feedback system is the most depressing thing. It actively tracked how many people had my novel in their collection and how many total views the novel had. However, the only number that matter was the collections.

The thing was, these numbers were always bugged and never gave me a clear indication as to the scale of my readers. Aside from the usual comments from return readers, the number didn't mean anything. It was like running in one spot, over and over without any clear indication to if I was making any progress. It's horrible when the work you put in seems to yield basically no results.

I was feeling euphoric watching my collections pass 100. You guys don't know the scale to my happiness. I basically woke up my whole household in celebration.

Then, in the author's discord channel, they confirmed that everything on the interface was bugged. Yep, talk about a slap in the face.

To summarize ... I was and still am a hopeful about making a career out of my writing. But doing it on Webnovel is ill-advised. Unless that is if you are writing a fan-fiction or another cliche 'system' novel. In that case, I believe you'll find much success.

Also, if you guys want to know the biggest reason for my departure from WN; in the search function, look up 'Da Contract'. It's the actual web novel contract. Even if you guys don't know the lingo its fine. Just take a look through and you'll understand my frustrations.

The staff never really cared about us authors either. They seldom gave out prizing for contests and were hush-hush about even attaining a contract. But reading through it ... this thing is a slave contract. I kid you not. Anyone who is desperate enough to sign, I give you my condolences. But it's completely and utterly unbefitting of a professional "employer-producer" relationship.

And the fact that tried to keep the contract under wraps ... they knew what they were doing.

Thankfully, a fellow author "ink bamboo" was quick to point this out to me. Otherwise, I would possibly be still slaving away here, with no end in sight. I probably would have hung myself if all my stress ended up culminating with being presented with this contract ...

There are so many things I want to say, but I find myself more and more depressed as I think about it. An entire month of my life down that drain ... it feels bad.

I was told to try my hand with self-publishing on Amazon with Kindle. I believe it's more worth it for me to try there. If people buy my book and like it, at least I can get immediate feedback. If it doesn't work out... well, I suppose it just means I don't have the talent for writing.

Imperious Edge will continue, but not here. Not in this depressing hellscape.

To my frequent readers, I am sorry, deeply and truly sorry that I have let you down. I can only hope you understand my choices. I often end my chapters with a bow, and to that, I give you my final respectful gesture as I sign off here.

Perhaps it's asking too much, but I hope you guys would care enough to support me in my endeavours to becoming an amateur author. When I publish my first Volume, I will update this.

Again, thank you and best wishes to all your future endeavours. May they yield more fruit and success than this.

Forever yours,