629 Ripped & Whipped

"Would you stop looking at her already?"

Han Bohai looked up to see Nora's brows raised up with a slight smile on her lips.

"You might make a hole in her skull at the rate you've been staring at her face."

Han Bohai pressed his lips together and scratched the tip of his nose. No, he wasn't feeling embarrassed or awkward at being caught. It was far from that. In fact, he could even say it out loud that he was just here for Ying. So, if he came only for her, why won't he look at her?

"There is no need to point it out because he won't change. In fact, you'll have to get used to him, he won't change his ways." This unexpectedly was stated by Ying.

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Han Bohai grinned at her as he asked, "So, that means you already are very used to me."

Ying gritted her teeth at him.

"Ying Jie, it seems like Bohai loves to get on your nerves," Dylan said as he came to finally sit down to drink some water that was parched after he sang for so long.

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