630 Problem Is The Solution

-Xin Villa-

"If you anything happens, call me," instructed Darren in a tight voice.

Xiu had been nodding her head like a hen pecking at grains for the past five minutes as he constantly filled her brain with instructions.Β 

"Baobei, who else can I call? If something really happens, I'll just run to you."

Darren knew she was serious so he calmed down a little before leaving for work while Xiu stood at the doorway to see him off. Now that she thought about it, having a house didn't seem that bad of an idea after all. Back at their apartment, she always said bye at the door but now, she could come out to stand beside his car and personally delivered him to the car.

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This setting seemed a lot more pleasant now that she thought about it this way. If this was the case, she could really go for house hunting with him soon. In fact, sooner the better!

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