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"Why do you have wings?" Jaien tilts his head, confused. "Oh, these? For flying, of course. What else would I use them for, silly human?" He giggles for a second. "That's not exactly what I meant... Why does a child have wings." Jaien stops laughing immediately and smiles, deceivingly. "The next time another person calls me a child, I'm gonna slit their fucking throat, okay?" Jaien laughs again but gives a disgusted look when the scientist looks away. Just a book idea I randomly came up with while talking with some friends. The main character's name is Jaien Kinusta. There's no actual plot, it's really just him interacting with other SCP's and being interviewed by the scientists. Jk that was a lie there's hella plot. If you haven't noticed yet, this is an SCP book. It's not a reader book like I'm used to, but you can act like you're him if you want. NOTE: The picture used for the cover is not mine, it is the property of its owner, obviously.

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