1 Prologue


Calmness swept inside me when I absentmindedly traced over B monogram on the armrest of my chair and thinking about that day, six years ago.

Strange guise of mixed emotions overwhelmed in me when I thought of that day. Lost, fear, pain, betrayal didn't match when I was left alone to adjust in the new reality.

Blind believe in fate let me into edge of hell where everything around me shattered into pieces and I truly was left alone. This vague view of life vigilant enough for those who mend their broken heart, for I am one of them.

"Half an hour until landing, Ms. Bradbury." I looked up to the flight attendant and faintly smiled. "Was there anything you'll be needing?" she asked.

"No, thank you." I tried replying politely.

She bowed and left me in my peace and thoughtless.

I tried not to think about whatever happened because only thing now matters is my son, the only reason I'm existing for, light of my life, the life in my darkness, my Noah.



"Developing scale exceeds the current plan of extending the Chicago branch's stocks and management-"

The now fallen-brown curtain covered floor-to-ceiling windows sat at its place when faint sound of footsteps clicking now and then on the rosewood with only sound coming from the speaker and the general manager nodding his head agreeing, the light grey conference room with over twenty- five members settled up for this dead-end meeting was quite impressive.

This deal was supposed to be over an hour ago. Intentionally prolonging this one wouldn't help them to get it because once I completely decide, it is end of the meeting. And that's what they're waiting for. As far as I know, this scale will end up in ruins with the plan they prepared, known well, they still wanted push this ahead in front of me was amusing.

"Meeting adjourned." I spoke out loud for the first time.

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Silence greets me because I know majority here wanted this proposal to be passed and I don't give a fuck. Decision made was ultimately the final.

"Mr. Williams, the plan-"

"When I say meeting's adjourned, I meant this proposal isn't passed, Mr. Ross." I smoothly reminded him.

"But, sir-" he tried protesting.

"Well, Mr. Ross, perhaps you had forgotten who this company belong to, I presume?" I cut him off, and stared at him to make him understand that my rules are followed here.

He abruptly got silent and members slowly nodded and bowed to me and started leaving.

"Sir, tomorrow's Mr. Senior William's birthday anniversary to be attended apart from the schedule -" Mia, my administrative assistant tried reminding me.

I nodded and waved at her to leave. I didn't want to hear about anything else after this long day. She too bowed and left.

I ran my hand through my hair and deeply sighed. Leaning back I faintly remember those blue eyes staring at me, whispering and kissing my cheeks, her soft light-brown hair swept along with the breeze and that innocent smile, lazily sleeping in my lap. And I do still remember that day, regretting everything, and pray to this day, to turn around everything if I can.

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