3 Chapter 2


Sudden silence cued across the hall. I turned to look back and saw my same grey-black eyed, thinned lips, aged but still strong willed grandfather with his third wife who should be ten years younger than him, entering the hall.

I loathed him after the death my grandma, his first wife. I never consider to greet or even this party, but it was rather to provoke and prove him that I won this game, he thought will get me down. As soon this war will end, I thought of proclaiming that I'll marry the one who's always in my heart, and I'm being waiting for the moment, though I don't wanna ruin tonight's ball, seems like I still need to wait for the right time once again.

"Thank you everyone for attending my birth anniversary, though I expected it to be a small party, I appreciate this effort, Desmond." He turned towards my asshole cousin, Desmond Williams, whose now smiling with his crooked nose, brown eyes.

I raised my brows and turned my head aside not wanting to punch those bastards' faces in here. I inwardly snorted at that sly old- fox's remarks towards his attention to make that asshole, the star of the night. Obviously he made his intentions pretty clear though he never knew what's happening behind him. Clearing up his embezzlement should have been easy when I wasn't contemplate towards him, but how in the hell will I miss that chance? I grinned at that thought. Now, now, it should only be the beginning of destruction of his reverie world, shouldn't it?


I wonder how long they will last for what I'm planning for them. That sly old-fox thinks that he won this war, but little did he knew, that I started this for him.

Absorbed in my thoughts I saw that the ball began, enchanting silent melody played at the backgrounds, guests settling down in the chairs, calm whispers passed across the hall with few dancing. Well not exactly in the world, would anyone refer this party as birthday I guess.

This is where the internal fight begins. Power stays with those who know how to gamble. And the moment I'm waiting for.

Drinking champagne, I saw myself in the crowd I'm anticipating for. I smiled at the hazel eyed, grey haired, wrinkled face but still quite healthy man, the senior Mr. Parkin, Chairman of Redshow Enterprise, and along with him, the Chairman of Matthew Industries and CEO of Anderson's House.

"Pleasure to meet you, sirs." I greeted and composed my formal address.

"You should be calling us grandpa, boy." Laughed Mr. Matthew along with the others. I stayed the same without saying much. I know dealing with these board members is how I'll get rid of that weed's back-up: The sly old-fox.

"Well, I guess Mr. Matthew isn't too old than my grandfather to call you same, sir." I smiled.

"Boy, isn't he having sweet mouth? Sure enough, the lad was and will be ladies' man." Said Mr. Parkin. He was someone I was close to apart from my family. Though the family I ever considered was my grandma and my parents. He was the one who always took my side no matter what I do. The trust he build on me was much more valuable than the fruit I've had sowed for years.

"Learnt them well from you, 'grandpa'." I replied. Creating a familiar smooth atmosphere when he's around was something I mastered at.

"Ay you boy! I became your Robert isn't? No fair game, lad. Get married and then make me grandpa!" he exclaimed when everyone laughed. I smiled at the same time I lost in the word 'marriage'. For now I need to get distracted.

Before anyone can reply, the fox jumped in and started chatting and laughing with them. Then Mr. Matthew and Mr. Parkin gave me their knowing smile. Ha, I've done it. They're going to take the board now.

I smirked at the thought of Desmond's horrified face when he'll realize that the board's in my hands. Satisfied with all the bricks I built over the years, I let out a peace sigh and thinking about my other mission- Evelyn.

Cole, who now suddenly appeared after seeing me leaving the crowd to join me, brought me whiskey and sat across the table. He too let out a sigh, for I know it's for his annoyance out there. As he's pretty much 'the' ladies' guy.

"So, everything went accordingly right?" he asked drinking from his glass.

"Yeah, not if that old man came in between, it wouldn't had been easier to deal." I replied thinking about the marriage idea popped up earlier.

He simply smirked at my remark knowing pretty well what I'm talking about. Though working as CFO of the company, he's the one called 'playboy' of the club, never attended a single meeting properly but does a quick fun.

"Gotta go, man." I got up. I had no mood staying here now.

"Already?" he asked without being surprised. Of course, I'm no party guy.

"Yeah." He hugged and we bid farewell, leaving up ignoring the rest. I know I'm being an asshole now, but I seriously need to get drunk and this is no place to do so.

Moving out I saw my black Tesla which I rode in today, waiting for me. I walked straight, not giving a fuck about those shouts behind me and asked the driver to ride away.

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In the cold dark night, I could only blankly stare the sky when I know I have find her now.

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