1 Why do we always cut our hair?

I always have this question in my mind. Why do girls cut their hair? I, for myself, never try to chop it off for many reasons. One, I always liked it. No matter how wavy and messy it gets when it's scorching hot during the summer, I still would want to keep it long.

Two, you can always have it in many different styles. I like to braid it, put it in a bun, or even maybe in a ponytail. It is also good to have something to cover when you feel like you have some extra fats around your face.

I have kept my long hair for four years already, and it reached my waist. But alas! Here I am, looking at myself in front of the mirror. I am currently seated on a salon stool with a cape around my shoulder. The girl at the back, whom you would call a hairdresser, was busy combing my hair. She's contemplating why I was even there. She glanced at me with a convincing look.

"Don't waste this beautiful hair."

I could tell by the way she would exchange looks at me and my hair.

Well, if you are asking, why am I here then?

Let me ask you the question again. Why do girls cut their hair?

1. They got bored and went for an impulsive decision to cut it. (But in my case, I would probably just cut my bangs. Testing the waters, you might say.)

2. Girls want to try a different hairstyle. (Maybe try on a wig first?)

3. A boy broke their heart, and they just wanted to feel like a new person. (I need to find a boyfriend first.)

If you're guessing which one, let me give you some history class first.

Lesson 1

The history of Imogen: Why she became an easy target for bullying?

Wait, did I tell you I am in college? If not, then I am a college student. If yes, then you already know.

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I was born in a family of achievers. You know how they say about Asians and their studies. I have two siblings, and both are what you would call as prodigies. One is a doctor and is currently working in Singapore. The other one? A genius. At least that's what my mom would call him. Me? Well, I'm in the middle. I don't try as hard as them, but I still end up being top in the class. Thanks, parents, for good genes.

Growing up wasn't so easy. Most of the time, my mom would tell me what to do and what things I should like. My dad? He was just like, "Your mother knows best."

Result? I don't have any personal taste. No, seriously! I am indecisive. I can't choose things without being influenced first by others or without others telling me so.

It's inconvenient, just like my college degree. Don't get me wrong. I believe in education, but it would also be nice if I can study something that I want. Right?

So here I am, studying business and management just because my mom said so. She told me I was business-minded, and I should use what I'm good at to excel in life. Dad, on the other hand, he would also say I'll be a good lawyer. Because I always find my way out to every argument I have with my mom.

But if I know, they just needed someone to take over the family business.

Despite all the debacles about my college degree, I am currently in my third year and am already doing my thesis paper.

The beginning of my college years has been fun for me. If you ask me if I was achieving? Nah!

I would call myself the "almost is never enough" student. I would always be points behind to be part of the honor list. Nonetheless, I didn't mind it. My parents either, as to they were focused on grooming my little brother into something they want. As long as I don't have failing grades, I can get by with it.

I would say I was happy with where I am now. But, that's not always the case for everyone. No matter how delighted you are and unbothered, there will always be someone annoyed by your existence.

I do have friends, and we are one tight group. A squad, as what younger generations would call these days.

Minding my own business, my friends and I would do what typical teens would do. Hang out, study, cry together, and crush on every single hot guy on campus. Great right? But the thing is, when you're in college you meet a lot of people. You can have different classmates for each subject, and you get close to them and be friends with them.

I am what you would call a social butterfly. I can get along with almost everyone. What I mean about everyone is most of the boys I get classmates with end up being close to me. I don' know why, but it just happens.

It sounds fun, but not when someone else is after my throat for being who I am. Out of nowhere, someone decided to make me the object of fascination.

It started with some snide looks until it got worse. I get bullied in front of the class even when my teachers are present. Can you believe it? If you're asking what kind of weak shit is that, I was wondering too.

I was an easy target for one reason. I don't talk back. Why? Growing up in my household, you don't get much chance to express how you feel. I mostly shut up and pretend as nothing happened.

Plus it wasn't so bad because I know my friends were there for me. Or so I thought.

It started when I went to hang out with some seniors, and I got invited to parties with them. After that, things went for an unexpected turn.

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