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Immortality With My Mates


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What is Immortality With My Mates

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'And why should i?' he said to the wolf to my right 'Because she's with me, so let her go' 'I don't think i will' 'And why is that?' 'She came on my property so you guess why im not letting this leach go' YOU DID THIS.......YOU CAUSE MY MATE TO DIE' he yelled at me. "I didn't do anything" 'YES YOU DID THEY CAME LOOKING FOR YOU AND NOW-" he looked behind him. "My mate is gone" he looked at me again. "Who was looking for me?" i asked him What do you think he's going to do, Aura?" asked Emma "To be honest sister i have no idea" Aura said walking to her window, looking out of it. She sighed and put her hands behind her back. "What shall i do?" Emma Aura looked over her shoulder and turned back around to look out the window. "Just be safe baby sister, we don't know what he's planning and i don't want you to get hurt." said Aura turning around to her sister with worry in her red eyes. I CAN LET YOU DO THAT THOMAS" "THE HELL YOU ARE NOW LET ME IN NOW" IF YOU DON'T CALM DOWN NOW I WILL CALM YOU DOWN" "TRY ME IF WANT" "thomas please help me" i whispered his name I could feel slashes on my legs My blood is draining slowly but also fast. How long do I have to stay like this? "I'm sorry......thomas" i said because my vision was beginning to have black spots. Ruby was turned into a vampire at the age of 17 in year 1918 by Lucian. So she ran away never wanted to see him after what he did to her. but when the time comes she begins to need his help. When she finally finds him she finds something more so someone(s) that she didn't expect there waiting for her. What did she find? Why do she needs Lucian? Find out in Immortality with my mates

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