Immortal Reincarnates to Goof-around Book

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Immortal Reincarnates to Goof-around


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Follow the adventures of Neil Gibbons, an Immortal reincarnated as a young master. *** Strength, power, ability. These synonymous words are those that kept me sane in my quest for eternal life, have lost their meaning. Myriad troubles that tested me have long faded into nothingness, while here I am moping around with half of existence in my palms. Having etched myself on to existence, I became so powerful that even I cannot kill myself. As the Divine Devas and Asuras dig a pit for me, I reincarnate in their backyards. *** Just a laid back story for both me, the author and you the reader. The MC is an overpowered (self-proclaimed)immortal who decides to reincarnate in worlds of other divines 'cause he has nothin' better to do. Follow the (self-proclaimed)immortal in his adventure through the Myriad worlds to indulge himself. *** English is not my second language so please bear with me and my writing. My vocabulary arsenal is also pathetically void, so please guide me with your reviews and suggestions as I try to steadily bring you your story!! Kudos to authors out there dishing out 7/week, simply mind-blowing. You can directly help me here : https://forum.webnovel.com/d/18114-immortal-reincarnates-to-goof-around