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Good story but greedy TL, 70+ Chapters locked without the ads option is excessive. How the Lord 3rd always said: You are immoral! You need to be converted. Will drop it and wait for the TL to reconseider. Better review only if the Goldigger attitude changes.


What the heck is this paywall? They promised when the moved a bunch of novels over here from fan sites that they would never have an absolutes paywall! Shocking!


Can someone please explain why I require to pay to unlock 74 most recent chapters at 12 spirit stones each??? By the way this requires 888 stones... With the horrible translation quality that has been present in the last couple hundred chapters this is just plain ripoff. Please fix.


Reveal spoiler


One of my favorite novels here and it hurts to see the price per chapter. *sighs* Wait time for my new Exploooosion Magic. O crucible which melts my soul, scream forth from the depths of the abyss and engulf my enemies in a crimson wave! Pierce trough, the black clouds of Heaven and Earth! EXPLOSION!


Website : qidian china Views : 7.22 million Rating : 7.9(786) Chapters : 1284 Status : completed Word count : 3.68 million author level : platinum


A good cross over story, a bit on the slow side, but good. The MC (so far up to chapter 72) is as of yet not the cliche OP cultivator, although it is slowly building up to that. He is still actually very weak. His skills as a botanist have definitely helped him, but not overly so. He is slowly building his expertise in that field as well. Perhaps the most annoying thing is he is only gaining enemies and not getting rid of them. There is glaring plot armor, but it is not too bad. Overall, I enjoy this novel. I like the MC, even if other characters are soon forgotten or ignored. He may be somewhat mild mannered and not very exciting, but he is still a decent character.


this was one of my most anticipated novel to finish. Everything from the beginning til almost the end was an instant classic for me. I had plans to re-read this novel another 4-5 times but the ending...is just too awful. its so bad that I regret ever reading any of the previous chapters. Please do not waste your time reading this novel, the author is a despicable troll.


Reveal spoiler


To start the review off, I will say that this the same author who wrote "Strongest Abandoned Son", so if you read my review on that, you'll get the same gist of this review. Protagonist was one of the world's best botanists in an alternate modern earth. He dies and is reincarnated into a new world of cultivation. It must be the author's preference to take the plot really, really slow because it's the same deal as his other work, "Strongest Abandoned Son", the cultivation aspect in this novel is incredibly slow in comparison to your run-of-the-mill Xianxia novel. Forty-two chapters in and the protagonist has barely grazed cultivation. The first forty chapters are nothing but world building, political conflict, and starting exposition to the world around him. Barely any actual progress in the cultivation aspect, which is the same deal in his other novel that is being translated here in this site. His world building is fine, but the author has a habit of running around the issue in some areas. For instance, the world that the protagonist reincarnates into is a world where technology exists (cars and machines) but he keeps it purposefully vague. What era of technology? Why hide the setting you created and just ignore it? Only to use it in the beginning when you needed it? I'd say a hundred chapters in is a good point to see if the story and the characters become endearing and fleshed out. Forty-two chapters in I can tell you that the main character is nothing special and thus far, the world around him is not the type to pull you (enchanting, mystical, mysterious, etc) in and keep you around. It's not bad, but it isn't good. Average. We'll see how this plays out in the future, but I'm doubting it. The story, world, and characters are simply the textbook definition of "okay". Apparently his works are popular considering he has made 1,656,627 dollars in royalties. https://wwyxhqc.wordpress.com/2017/04/30/richest-chinese-webnovel-author-ranking-2016/ Which in turn makes me question how this is possible. Am I reading the wrong novels? Nevertheless, my opinion is that if you must read anything by Goose Five (in this site), it should be this. Strongest Abandoned Fart is another beast in and of itself and you could never make me read it again.


I really like this novel. So much so, that i keep checking for updates 24/7. I find one of the main reasons for this is that the MC has a normal personality while simultaneously being very clever.


Dropped due to paywall ☠☠☠ I hope author and qidian decide to change the price of reading this novel. I enjoyed reading but it's not worth what they want charge 😡😡😡


I wrote another review saying how sad I felt because I couldn't read a novel I like so much properly. I stated that quidian promised no pay wall and I'm sorry if you want to fool yourselves saying that this isn't one. The level of shamelessnes that quidian shows is off the charts and I will repet even in The novels you publicize you won't find a thicker face. Let me make this clear you ain't in China anymore your reputation took a blow wich in occideny means you can't be trusted so your actions drop have a nice day and start doing what you promise.


Booooooooooooooooooooo.....!!!! My previous review get blocked. When costumer complaining you should hear and do improvement, not putting duck tape in their mouth. Reduce the stone price and add ad's instead \(#•∆•)/


One of, in my opinion, the best stories on this website. I like the MC even though he is very dry. He cares a lot about the people he surrounds himself with but the way he is written is dry. Read it, it's worth it.


WTF IS UP WITH THIS??? 220 locked chapters? that's just too low and messed up why bother post them if u don't want people to read ? if it were 20 chapters its still kinda ok but 220? greedy af


Once I started reading the story it made this novel is too good to put down. It the same but different from other novels. They need to post more chapters faster. Lol


WTH? my comment was deleted ? I just said the truth in a single sentence and now they deleted it , i even praised them i just said "Promises are meant to be broken, VERY GOOD JOB "_____" showing what a thick face really means" I left it blank so that so that they won't delete it again, maybe they'll just block my account now LOL....


I can understand going from 4 to 6 crystals but jumping to 12 and not allowing the reader to watch ad to unlock is highway Robbery. If this continues I'm boycotting and I urge fellow readers too do the same. Besides their are forums online that will give you the spoilers if your desperate.


It's so sad about the needs to spend a lot of my spirit stones to continue reading this novel story. I can't help it but I lowered my ratings on the translations/translators.