131 Two Simple Points

There was a solemn expression on Shirona Yui's face after the somewhat sudden appearance of the group standing before her. A simple glance was all it took for Wang Xu to realize that not only did she know this group, but there was also a bit of history between them as well.

With this bit of information in mind, Wang Xu wisely chose to keep quiet and observe everyone present. Besides that, he was also scanning the area for possible escape routes for when the need arises.

In a flat tone, Shirona Yui spoke up while addressing the woman now standing out from the group, "I don't think that we're close enough for me to take a stroll with you and your group. Now tell me, why should I be going with you, Miss Katsuji Natsume?"

Before she could speak, one of the men in the group behind the recently identified 'Katsuji Natsume' stepped forward with a chuckle. This caused a slight frown to form on her face but she kept quiet as the man spoke up, "Yui, it would be in your best interests if you take Natsume's advice and come with us quietly. It won't due for us to have to get rough with you here."

"Feng Xurong, it would be best for you to not speak to me in such a casual tone. I don't have a close relationship with you or anyone else in the Feng Family." As Shirona Yui said this, there was a gloomy expression on her face as she tightened her hands into fists.

The now identified 'Feng Xurong' saw this and displayed a bright smile as he spoke up, "That hurts, Yui. Even if our families are no longer close, there was a time when we were practically brother and sister. In fact, I was your fiance when we were younger, right?"

"Indeed you were. That is until you broke off the engagement to be with another woman." As Shirona Yui said this, she momentarily glanced at the second woman standing within the group before focusing her eyes back on Feng Xurong as she spoke, "Since that's the case, it would be in your best interests to remember that and not act so familiarly with me, least you create a misunderstanding."

As soon as she finished speaking, another voice came from the group, this time from the other female. The woman walked out as she spoke, "Third Miss Shirona, it would be for the best if you would mind your own business and not speak about things you do not know."

Instead of feeling offended by those words, a small smile formed on Shirona Yui's face as she spoke up, "Indeed. You took the words right out of my mouth, Second Miss Katsuji. Your fiance would do well to remember them."

Both Feng Xurong and Second Miss Katsuji adopted incensed expressions at those words. Just as both were about to speak up, someone else beat them to the punch.

"Enough! Linxi, Xurong, stand down. This is neither the time nor place for this." There was a slight frown on Katsuji Natsume's face as she said this. She didn't expect Shirona Yui to get under their skins so easily.

This caused Katsuji Natsume to raise her opinion of Shirona Yui slightly while lowering those of her younger sister and her fiance. Regardless of these thoughts, there was no expression on her face to give them away.

With those thoughts in mind, Katsuji Natsume had her eyes focused on Shirona Yui as she spoke, "Shirona Yui, it would be best for you to come with us, otherwise, you'll make this bigger than it needs to be. When that happens, you'll end up implicating this gentleman right next to you as well."

Katsuji Natsume's words caused a smirk to form on the faces of the people behind her while a frown formed on Shirona Yui's, as she noticed the message being implied. Just as she was about to speak, however, a voice with a casual tone was heard.

"Sorry to barge into this 'important' discussion of yours but there is something that I would like to share with you, Miss Katsuji."

All eyes turned to the source of the voice, some with hostile intentions while others possessed a hint of contempt. As for Katsuji Natsume, there was a wrinkle in her eyebrows as she stared at the owner of the voice, as she seemed to have noticed something but cannot identify what it was.

Naturally, the voice belonged to Wang Xu and he was currently looking at the group of people before him with his trademark smile. That said, if anyone had seen his eyes roughly a split second earlier, they would have noticed a spark of killing intent flash through his eyes.

Now, with all eyes focused on him and no one saying anything, Wang Xu took it as his cue to continue speaking, "There are just two simple points that I would like to share with you guys. The first point is that even if you are capable enough, it's in poor taste to use the life of another person to threaten your target, especially when you're standing in front of that person. This not only shows that you are willing to stoop to great lows to accomplish your goals, but it also points out that even with all the strength you supposedly possess, you lack the proper mindset and creativity to fully make use of strength."

Wang Xu finished that line in one go, prompting everyone to stare at him. They did so in silence for a few moments before the group standing behind Katsuji Natsume started laughing. Feng Xurong and Katsuji Linxi were sneering at Wang Xu while Katsuji Natsume had a visible frown on her face.

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*Shirona Yui looked at Wang Xu with a peculiar expression, wondering just what was running through his mind. If her earlier interaction with him was anything to go by, she figured that he was up to something. That's when she caught movement from the corner of her eyes and noticed that Wang Xu's fingers were moving in an ever so smooth and delicate fashion behind his back. This caused her mind to race for a moment before a crazy idea jumped into her mind, which prompted her to look at the group behind Katsuji Natsume with a curious expression.*

"You mentioned that there were two points you wanted to share, Mr. Security Guard. Why don't you enlighten us on the second point so that we can get a good laugh out of it?" There was a mocking expression on Feng Xurong's face when he said this, prompting the group behind him and his fiance to start another round of laughter.

Wang Xu maintained his calm expression as he responded to the question, "Indeed, I did say that there are two points. Since the first one has given you so much entertainment, I'm sure that you'll enjoy this one as well."

Immediately after speaking, Wang Xu's body disappeared from before Shirona Yui, only to reappear directly in front of Feng Xurong. Before anyone could even register what had just happened, they were greeted by the sound of a very loud slap.

The smiles on the group's faces froze as they witnessed Feng Xurong receive a ruthless slap from Wang Xu. Katsuji Linxi could only stare in shock as her fiance fell to the floor from the hit.

As for Katsuji Natsume, her pupils dilated to the extreme as she backed off a few feet from Wang Xu before taking out two strange-looking daggers. She was in a position poised to attack Wang Xu at any moment but she ultimately just stood there, staring at Wang Xu, trying to understand what had just taken place.

Wang Xu only glanced in her direction for a moment before he continued speaking, "My second point is that you should never underestimate any unknown individuals standing before you as you never know what kind of trouble you might have unintentionally gotten yourselves involved in."

After speaking, Wang Xu's form vanished from next to the downed Feng Xurong and was once again standing before Shirona Yui with a blank expression on his face.

It was only now that the rest of the group realized what had just transpired and immediately took out a hidden weapon. The weapons were in various shapes and sizes but what they all had in common was that they could be hidden on one's person without much trouble.

Although she had seen it earlier that day, Shirona Yui was still surprised to see Wang Xu pull off that instantaneous movement technique from up close. That said, she also retrieved her own hidden weapons, a few needles, and was now staring at the group now showing signs of hostility.

Katsuji Natsume ignored Feng Xurong as he was being helped up by her sister as she now stared at Wang Xu's face which completely lacked the casual and laidback expression from earlier. Just staring at his blank expression and the indifference being displayed in his eyes allowed her to realize what that strange feeling from earlier was.

She took a moment to carefully contemplate her words before speaking, "This is a conflict between the Katsuji and Shirona Clans. Are you sure that you want to get involved in this?"

Although her tone was calm and lacked any emotion, if one was observant enough, they would have realized that her question had a bit of hope tinged in it. Hope that she wouldn't have to deal with this mysterious person.

Wang Xu looked at her with an expressionless gaze but he was internally nodding at her caution. Unlike the fool that he had just slapped to the floor, she was at least aware of the danger of his presence and the actions that one should take when presented with such irregularity.

He shook his head, causing a bit of light to return to her eyes. Unfortunately, his next words made Katsuji Natsume bite her lips in frustration, "While I would like to avoid getting involved with your family feud, just the fact that you and your team chose to attack while I was with Department Head Shirona already involved me into your feud. And this doesn't count the fact that I just smacked your brother-in-law to be unto the pavement. Even if your family doesn't pursue my unintentional involvement, I'm sure I'll have to deal with his after this."

Having said this, Wang Xu moved his eyes away from Katsuji Natsume and stared at both Katsuji Linxi and her injured fiance. Both were staring at him with eyes that screamed murder, especially Feng Xurong who's expression was pitch black in anger.

Wang Xu then moved his eyes over to the other members of the group with their weapons out before taking a glance at the woman next to him. With the needles in her hand poised and ready to be utilized, Wang Xu could see that both sides were fully prepared and intent on starting a fight right here, one-sided as it would be.

Releasing a sigh before focusing eyes back on Katsuji Natsume as he spoke up, "I can see that both sides are fully intent on duking it out right here, and as someone that would have to take part, I'd rather it not be within such a public place. Since that's the case, why don't we both take a step back and do this another time, preferably somewhere more private?"

When Katsuji Natsume heard this, she was inwardly relieved that both sides wouldn't have to clash then and there. Right now, she was itching to leave and report the events of the day to the family elders before conducting a thorough background check on the strange man before her. Although his words were a bit harsh, Wang Xu was correct in saying that they jumped the gun without finding out more about him.

That being said, although she thought this, she didn't voice it. Before she could even make the choice, someone else spoke up.

"Who the hell do you think you are to be dictating such terms to members of the Katsuji Clan? Neither of you will be leaving here alive." When both Wang Xu and Katsuji Natsume looked over, they saw that the one who spoke was Katsuji Linxi. As the Second Miss of the Katsuji Clan, it was an affront to her for what Wang Xu had done to her fiance.

With those words being said, Natsume now found herself displeased by Linxi's presence on this mission. For now, she would deal with the problem before her and address the issues with her sister later.

Wang Xu just stared at Katsuji Linxi and Feng Xurong, both of whom now had their weapons out and staring at him with angry expressions. Instead of showing an angry expression like what Katsuji Natsume expected for being refused in such a manner, Wang Xu just smiled.

Everyone saw this smile and thought it was weird. Katsuji Natsume saw the smile and felt a chill going down her spine. She was sure that something bad was about to happen.

Instead of reacting as they expected, Wang Xu raised his gloved hand. While the others were confused, Katsuji Natsume felt that chill grow stronger and immediately slashed out with her daggers.

Although she didn't see anything, Katsuji Natsume felt her daggers cutting through something. That feeling made the color drain from her face as she now stared at the various members of her group being bound by wires. After seeing this, she immediately turned towards Wang Xu to see him looking at her with a peculiar smile.

Off to the side, Shirona Yui watched as her would-be attackers and kidnappers were now bound with wires and she could only shake her head in response. Even she had complicated feelings with the scene before her.

Without even moving his eyes away from the only person that he didn't capture, Wang Xu spoke, "Are you sure that you don't wanna postpone this conflict of ours for another day? I don't mind taking care of you guys now, but having to deal with your bodies will be a pain in the neck and I've got work in the morning. Oh well, I guess that this burden is mine to take."

The captive people looked at Wang Xu with terrified eyes, especially Feng Xurong and Katsuji Linxi. Just as he was about to finish them off, Wang Xu noticed from the corner of his eyes that a dagger was flying towards him. Before he could raise his other hand to defend himself, Shirona Yui appeared beside him and used her needles to intercept the speeding dagger.

Katsuji Natsume watched in silence as her dagger was intercepted. There was a neutral expression on her face as she spoke up, "I agree to your terms. I'm willing to take my team and take a step back for today."

Both sides were quiet and stared at each other for a few moments before Wang Xu decided to take a step back. Although he has no problem with killing these people and getting rid of the bodies, he acknowledged that this would be a pain in the neck and would rather avoid having to do so. That, and there's also the fact that he could tell that Katsuji Natsume was intent on going against him once more if he tried to finish them off.

From her position, Shirona Yui glanced at Wang Xu and received a nod from him, which prompted her to put away her needles. Seeing this, Katsuji Natsume, too, put away her remaining dagger.

Both sides kept quiet for a few seconds before Wang Xu spoke up after making a single hand sign, "I'll leave their freedom to you then, Ms. Katsuji."

After saying this, both Wang Xu and Shirona Yui bypassed the bound group as they walked away. Seeing this, Katsuji Natsume couldn't stop herself from asking, "Mr. Security Guard, what's your name?"

Without even turning around, Wang Xu spoke up in a voice that sounded as if it was spoken right next to her ears, "My name is Wang Xu. I'll be waiting for our next meeting, Ms. Katsuji."

Following those words, Katsuji Natsume watched as Wang Xu and Shirona Yui disappear from the empty street they were in. She could only release a helpless sigh as she thought about how she was going to report this failure to her family elders.

Looking around at all of her team members still on the ground, Katsuji Natsume was momentarily lost in thought before she got around to freeing everyone. When she was done, she gathered up everyone and left the area.

As she did so, Katsuji Natsume couldn't help but look back at her younger sister and her brother-in-law to be, once more thinking that it was a bad idea for her to have brought them along for this mission.

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