Immoral Cultivator Book

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Immoral Cultivator


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Cultivators. Creatures who developed bit by bit to yield God-Like strength. From Humans to Immortals. Each Cultivator intended to grow, be it for eternal life or absolute strength. There was once an innocent youth who longed for having the option to fly yet he didn't have the slightest idea of how heartless the world of cultivation was. Betrayal, Adoration, Disdain, Lust, Desire, and so forth... He had encountered them all. Following Huge number of long stretches of battling, After tens of thousands of years, He, From a lowly mortal became one who stood above all. . . . Deceived by his own brother he perished. But was it the end for him? Could he as someone who stood at the top truly be taken down so easily? . . . Or on the other hand, was he truly at the top? What was known? What was obscure? Was there truly an end to cultivation?


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