1 Hero from the slums pt.1

Our story starts in the great Kingdom of Looming. Looming lead by King Marcus and Queen Sena both of them were great rulers and they had a wonderful child said to be blessed by the spirits, Princess Cynthia. Princess Cynthia was graceful and and kind to others even her subordinates like her parents.

The King and Queen gave Princess Cynthia everything she asked for and more. However Princess Cynthia was never allowed out of the royal castle the King and Queen deeming it to be dangerous as many wants to either kill or use Princess Cynthia for her gift.

"Father, I would like for you to let me see the outside world at least once" a seven year old Cynthia asked.

"No, it would be to dangerous to go with a mere guard. I'll try to finish my work early and maybe we could go together with the Queen" The King answered looking into his daughter's eyes while patting her head.

"Really? You'll come with me daddy?" an excited Cynthia asked her eyes sparkling hopefully at her father's words.

"Yes, don't count on it but I'll try and make time for us to go outside. Now run along Daddy still has work to do." King Marcus smiled before getting back to work.

Overjoyed the Cynthia went into the castle's garden to play with her toys.

As she played she suddenly heard a rustling sound. Curious as to what it is she went and checked the bushes to see if it was a squirrel.

She was met by a boy wearing tattered clothes.

"Hi! I'm Cynthia, what's your name?" The Princess greeted the boy.

"I'm Ash, hey do you know a way out of here other than through the fence" Ash answered.

"I can show you to the gate if you want" Cynthia answered.

"No thank you I'll just wait out here until they go away"

"Who's they" Cynthia asked.

"Bad people they take kids away and sell them away to others. They can't come inside here easily" Ash answered. sitting on the grass.

"You're from outside!?" a surprised Cynthia asked.

"Yes, what you haven't gone outside before?" Ash answered.

"No, my dad say's I'm too young to go alone and he can't come outside with me because of work"

"How old are you?" Ash asks.

"I'm seven years old, how about you?" Cynthia answered.

"I just turned eight" Ash answered.

"Can you tell me about what's outside" Cynthia asked.

"Well I can't tell you much but I'll tell you what I know while I'm here" Ash answered.

So Ash told Princess Cynthia about the things he saw outside and things he heard like rumors about dragons and liches unaware that Cynthia is a Princess.

Having fun they forgot about the time and when Ash noticed he hurriedly stood up.

"I have to go it was nice talking to you" Ash said when sweets suddenly floated surprising the princess.

"Payment for me talking to you" Ash said smiling as the sweets disappeared into thin air.

"Wait! if you come back and tell me more stories I'll give you more sweets" The Princess said

"Well... I'd rather have food and money rather than sweets but deal" Ash answered before running and escaping through the fences

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