1 1 Your Gold Finger is finally online

Bang bang bang~

Billy Batson's ten fingers were tapping on the computer keyboard without interruption, without any thought at all, and the words came out very clearly.


Billy yelled in excitement, quickly moved the mouse with his right hand, clicked Save, and then closed the document titled "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban".

Open the mailbox, upload the document, and click Send. With a "ding", the text prompt box of "Send successfully" pops up.

Closing the second-hand laptop in his hand, Billy breathed a sigh of relief, with a smile on his face, and slowly stood up, moving his stiff body and sore fingers.

It has been three months since Billy traveled to this parallel world, and everything in this parallel world is basically the same as the earth where he once was.

It's just that he has changed from a handsome boy in his twenties to a boy under the age of 15. He is still crooked nuts, and even an orphan. He looks pretty handsome. He was often vegetarian by his family three months ago. Adopted in the orphanage.

But what makes Billy want to scold the street most is that there are so many famous people in this world.

For example, the Dark Knight Batman in Gotham City, Superman in Kansas, Wonder Woman in World War I, and the captain of the United States in World War II.

How to play this?

Although Billy is not a big fan of superhero, he still knows some of the popular blockbusters of DC and Marvel.

There are 10,000 sentences in Billy's heart that I don't know if it should be improper to talk about it. The world he traveled through turned out to be the world of American comics. This special code is too cheating.

For the past three months, Billy has been looking forward to the appearance of Gold Finger every day.

However, nothing happened.

However, Billy did not abandon himself, after all, he is still alive, and the terrible disaster has not yet officially arrived.

Even if it does happen, it will not necessarily fall to one's own head. It is more reliable to find a way to make more money to improve and improve your life.

Billy discovered in the plan that his memory has been greatly improved after crossing, and he is completely clear about what he has seen and heard.

After some thinking, Billy decided to take the road of making money by copying the public. It just so happens that there is no "Harry Potter" series of novels that are popular all over the world.

I chose this novel because Billy clearly knew that the author of "Harry Potter" has a fortune of more than 1 billion USD with this novel.

Although it cannot be compared with those commercial giants, it is definitely one of the best in the industry of writers. I believe this novel can also shine in this world with similar historical and cultural backgrounds.

Billy's codeword speed is not slow. Even if he still has to go to school, he will guarantee at least 10,000 words a day. You can get one copy in less than a month, and the third copy just uploaded is already.

The first two books "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" have been published, with very good results, and have been translated into other languages ​​and exported to places other than the United States.

Every month, Billy can receive a large amount of manuscript fees, and the amount on the account has successfully exceeded one million USD.

Before Billy crossed, he was depressed. He had no car, no house, no money, no rights, and no girlfriend. Since God has let him cross now, he must not waste this opportunity in vain.

Even if unfortunately died young because of future disasters, you must enjoy the good life of the rich.


As soon as he saw Tony Stark, who wore a moustache and wandered around all day, on TV, Billy felt a burst of irritability.

This planet is about to enter the era of superheroes flying all over the sky and super villains flying all over the ground, especially in New York City where I am. It is super insecure. It is better to move as soon as possible.

Billy put on a down jacket, brought his secret vault and forged ID card and walked out of the orphanage, to the subway station, ready to go to the old place to enjoy life.

Billy didn't tell anyone about publishing books to make money.

On weekdays, there is not much communication with the members of the orphanage. After all, they are basically children who are teenagers or younger, and Billy's real age is far above them, and there is a generation gap.

Billy got on the subway, and when the door closed, something strange happened.


The entire carriage went dark in an instant, and all the surrounding passengers disappeared. Only the silver-blue electric lights kept running around, and the air began to fill with a terrifying atmosphere, which made Billy feel uneasy.

Click ~ click ~ click ~

Immediately afterwards, all the windows on the carriage were frozen with a thick layer of ice slag, and a series of crunching noises were emitted, and the warmth suddenly decreased.

Billy tightened the down jacket on his body and couldn't help but shudder. Although it is already December, it shouldn't be so cold. It feels at least twenty degrees below zero.

However, more is the panic and panic in my heart.

Billy was a little at a loss, but he felt a little familiar with all this before him, as if he was very familiar, but he couldn't remember it for a while.

The car door opened, and Billy poked his head out cautiously, looking at the completely unfamiliar environment outside. It seemed to be in an underground cave, and it seemed to be in a mountain that had been hollowed out.

There is a majestic stone temple in front of it, exuding a terrifying breath, like a peerless beast, with its mouth wide open, waiting for food to approach.

Billy glanced at the subway map above the door and confirmed that he did not do the wrong car, but everything in front of him was really unexplainable. He courageously shouted: "Hello, is there anyone?"

No one answered, everything was so silent.

But there was a strange feeling in Billy's heart, it seemed that someone in the mysterious stone temple was calling him.

Billy struggled for a while, and finally walked towards the mysterious stone temple not far ahead.

After entering the stone palace, the feeling of summoning suddenly became stronger.

Billy looked at the demon statues on both sides of the stone hall with a little fright. "The seven original sins of mankind are arrogance, jealousy, anger, laziness, greed, lust, and gluttony."

"I'll take it. How do these demon statues feel like they are alive? They keep staring at me, as if they are about to eat me."

At this moment, an abnormally weak voice suddenly reached Billy's ears.

"You are finally here, I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

Billy was taken aback, there are people, there are people here!

At this moment, Billy hurriedly followed the prestige, and saw on the stone seat at the end of the stone hall, a gray-haired, dying old man was sitting there holding a long wooden staff with his head down.

A legendary name instantly popped out of Billy's mind, Shazam.

The last necromancer of the eternal meeting, Shazam!

Billy's eyes lit up immediately. Could this be my Gold Finger, the power of Shazam?

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