1 Vol-1 ~ordinary days with anime characters~

So i died.... not like i care meh...

"hello there"

'General kenobi!'

"hoo.. you know the rest cliché bruh"

"so i wish to have a house which is modern and have all the anime and music and manga all weeb stuff but not those gay sh*ts and include yuri please 'i like yuri sooo.. why not have it' and gadgets too like phone headphone or laptop or com whatever tech stuff meh


oh and make me immortal when im inside my house oh i forgot i wish to get unlimited net with instant download and i can message or call or browse sh*ts on the anime world but cant in original earth

oh i wish to have a personal dimension and include all earth stuff but no animal only grass mountain or world things but its just a flat world and sometimes there's a probability that anime characters can visit oh and make me immortal too when im in my personal dimension

that's all"

"that's easy bruh now you can go 'not like you will do any action or anything the author is a newbie and this is only an anime slice of life genre' "

and i was sucked(A/N DRY😋😍) into my personal dimension

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(A/N Ill only upload when im in mood so dont be expectant of constant update)

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