393 Convince You

Iona's reply relaxed him and a faint smile came on his lips. And that smile was lovely as midsummer morning. Once again, she found herself blushing. 

They crested a hill. He took her hand to lead her to the edge as he kept her near him and came to stand beneath a willow tree. His touch was so hot and she felt that familiar electric jolt. She was sure that he even felt it. When she stood there, he wrapped his arms across her waist and she leaned back on his chest. When she looked at the scenery in front of them, Iona forgot how to breathe. In the far distance, right under the clear blue skies and fluffy clouds was a sprawling city. Nestled between a vast expanse of white snow-clad mountains, the city was on the plains in the center and it sloped upwards on the edges. All buildings were white, which meandered across the hills that surrounded the plains. A river with azure waters ribboned through the city. 


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