528 Babies

It was almost evening by the time the new treaty was drafted and signed by the Yardraks and the king of Galahar. The royal seals were stamped and copies were given to each party. 

"Stay with us for tonight's celebration," said Rolfe as he shook hands with Kahn. 

"Thank you, King Rolfe," Kahn said. He pointed at the two men in his group. "These two are going to stay for the internship program. We will take leave since we have to go and deliver our services elsewhere." There was a smug look on his face. 

Rolfe didn't insist. "Sure." The meeting was over and the two Yardraks were taken to their new quarters by a councilman. The royal family went to the palace, where the girls were waiting along with Adrianna and Dmitri.

"What are the plans now?" asked Anastasia. She looked at Ileus. "Can I stay here with Iona for the next one week? I will come after that?" 

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