529 [Bonus chapter] The Beginning

Five years later.

Kingdom of Werewolves, Silver Vales

A day before onset of Spring Festival 

Ileus Volkov, the crown prince of Draoidh relaxed in the shade of an old oak with gnarled roots and a thick canopy as he scanned the rolling lawns and hills that were filled with new grass and wildflowers that swayed in the cool breeze. His mother, father, sister, her husband, Haldir and Inyanga, Aidan and Darla had gathered to join him and Anastasia for the naming ceremony and spring festival. 

Anastasia sat beside him. She was talking to Iona, who was nursing her younger son, Ryne. 

Anastasia had given him children, both with golden eyes but while the elder one had golden hair, the younger had dark hair, just like his father. 

Their older one, Nikolai—whose birth in Ileus' life had taken loads of tension off. Anastasia had her hands full with him, including his father, and now the second one had come just a month back. 


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