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Chapter 4: Bad Start

Many years would pass, and the King would eventually marry the woman he fell in love. But this happiness did not last as the two fell repelling a large invasion along with the other seal bearers. Without the King the demon blood holders began to be discriminated against once more by many still. Some chose to leave to other nations while some did not forget the kings kindness and remained to protect the empire. Four demon blood holders, who later came to be known as Titans, remained. While another four left. The fifth who was the leader had died with the King so most assumed her Titan ended with her.

Demons despite their nature were incredibly intelligent. They, too, had a society, military and lifestyle of their own. The war was waged because they sought to gain land from humans. The Demon half of the world was mostly barren and only large cities had somewhat good resources. The Demons however were masterful summoners of demonic like beasts and creatures they used in battle. They, too, had the same fields of mana application as humans. Humans simply had better creators. While demons had better augmenters and Pure mana holders. The only reason humans can match the demons was because of Titans and Undying spirits.

Now the new generation of seal bearers has emerged and the former Titan holders have passed on their power to the new generation as well after 17 years of preparation for that moment. For the seal bearers who weren't known, the Kingdom of Babylonia sent out messages and stuck multiple notices inviting them to summon ceremony to be held later during that year.

A/N: Again you don't need to know the world background a lot just adding some shit makes some sense

With this information in mind Kel decided it was time to make an appearance. But first he needed preparation, so he turned to Silvya and spoke.

"What will I be if I go to that world, I can't exactly do much if I'm just some unknown nobody..."

Silvya showed a bright smile and tapped her staff onto the ground, showing Kel a profile of himself.

"The dest...uh...creator is aware of need of a background or certain abilities in certain worlds, so I can create a profile for you in that world and send it to the creator. Once approved, you may begin your journey. This is the recommended profile. Your appearance and age will remain the same. You will appear as one of the 3 unknown seal bearers without an affiliation to any nation, this should give you many opportunities to interfere with the reincarnator. You may also choose one ability to have only in that world to help you in your endeavors... Shall I accept this recommendation Lord Kel?"

Kel pondered on what Silvya told him for a moment and showed a malicious smile as he spoke.

"I accept the recommendation, as for my one ability... Infinite mana. What's the current status of the reincarnator?"

Meanwhile, in a forest far away from New Babylonia, the reincarnator emerged from a portal near a river. He began to dust of his body and looked at his surroundings.

"System! Where am I?"

[Host is currently in they Forest, 240 km South of New Babylonia where the host must go to summon an Undying spirit]

"Damn...if only I knew teleportation magic. Oh, well, it's only a matter a time. I just need to head over to the city summon saber, and I'll be adored by many as well as get the Undying loyalty of my favorite waifu! Hehe. The world will know the name Timmy...no wait I better change it to something cool... I got it! Alexander Beckham. Sounds medieval and cool. Hehe".

A/N: David Beckham would be ashamed if he knew this.

Alex proceeded to check himself in the river and smiled, loving his new appearance. But when he checked his pants he came to a terrifying revelation.

"System what the f.uck! I asked for my cock to be multiplied. It's smaller!"

[Hosts reproductive organ was multiplied by 0.5 ]

"What kind of sick joke is this? Don't tell me my summoning will be messed up like this too?!"

[So long as Host holds on to the crystal in your pocket during the summoning, you will draw the Undying Spirit Saber.]

"Dammit, I was so excited I forgot to be specific. I just hope I get Artoria Pendragon. At least I'll have my waifu's loyalty regardless of which Saber I draw. As for my manhood, I'm sure the world of magic has a solution! Better hurry, I'm so excited to see everyone. System which way?"

[....240 km North. Host may walk, travel by carriage, airship, mounts or teleportation. Host currently has enough gold for a transportation option of his choice. Simply travel to Moon City 10 km north-west of your current location]

"Awesome time to beg-*BOP*"

Suddenly Alex got hit hard on his head and fell to the ground unconscious. Two figures appeared behind him. On a beautiful voluptuous woman in a green hooded cloak, the other was a tall young man in a uniform. The very kind of uniform he wore during his time with his uncle. Despite his hate for the place, he couldn't deny their uniform was well made. He, too, wore a cloak but soon uncovered his hood revealing the small smile on his face.

A/N: Alex being a fate series fan, he's appearance is like Gilgamesh.

"Silvya, loot him of all his gold. Also, can you make a fake copy of his crystal?"

Silvya hurriedly crouched and put the large staff she used to hit him over the head with down while searching his clothes for the gold and the crystal.

"Yes Lord Kel, but it won't hold the same properties. It will only be a fake. I apologize! My abilities aren't as great in this world".

Kel waved her off, shaking his head.

"It's fine, I expected as much. Just make the copy still, and give him the fake one. At best, he'll think someone just summoned a saber class before him. This is what happens when you aren't specific. Nothing personal, I'm just doing my job."

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