1 prologue + chapter 1

Should we?said a man in a black suit staring at a couple of files on the table .It was cold, the beginning of winter and someone was near the door peeking through it unnoticed by the men inside.

"It depends on what her majesty says. She is absolute."replied a professor in a white lab suit. Majesty?the queen? are these ppl so important? thought the maid who had come to bring the tea but ended up eavesdropping on the room next door .bring..bring started the phone of the lab suit man. An eerie silence followed the third ring before the lab suit guy picked up" Hello"

"Yes, Hello,Marshall The best choice would be to allow them to meet and why not make them meet where there fates collided 'at aperiere ' said a high pitched voice

" yes, milady""replied the lab suit man "and shoot one of those tranquilizes at the naughty little maid listening to us" the maid scared out of her wits tiptoed back to the stairs"I'm sorry majesty mistake on my part"and he pulled out a gun and hit the maid without any hesitation. Frowning he walked up to her " tough luck today! the prince and princess coming-of-age back and all, majesty's pissed and u eavesdropping ain't making matters better" flicker of fear passed the maids eyes before everything turned dark.

"aaah, oh my god!!!" screamed Aselda "mom! Mom!"the unbelievable had happened". She had been selected as the scholarship student fo kir aperiere, the most amazing high school, that had an escalatory system for university. " yes honey , what do u want" "want? I've got the most amazing gift of a lifetime "said Aselda showing the black velvet envelope to her mother. Her mom couldn't hide her excitement. They hugged each other." I wonder how happy your dad will be once he hears this Lets go tell him ". They ran inside their little cottage house it and saw George sitting on the couch mouth opened watching tv!

The aperiere channel was going on where they showed their old students prosperous present life and the new admissions and scholarship students . Awestruck George said"Woah congrats honey" and he embraced them. By the end of the day everyone knew that Georges daughter Aselda had been selected for aperiere. Though most of them greeted the news with joy some treated it with hostility for though their daughter and sons tried more than once they hadn't passed but here there was a girl who passed on the first try. Aselda was in a splendid mood the next day as well since they were going shopping for her school supplies and dorm requirements. Despite all the happiness in the air she felt something pricking her mind on the acceptance but she pushed it far back hidden and locked.

The awaited day came quicker than anticipated.On June 1st the school term started. Aselda was anxious and excited. She worried if she would be able to mingle with other royal heirs and the elite rich. She was worried if a mere commoner like her would be ostracised. Still she was going to aperiere.The best school ever known.All she had to is study hard and graduate and her life would be set.If only it were that easy.