1 If It Really Came Down To It...Would You Kill Me?

[Levi's POV]

Dark and Cold. Full of hatred and revenge. That's how I've been since...that night, I found his body beaten and bloody on the cold cement and you....You were running away...away from where his body was laid.


Why would you kill him?

"Why would you kill him God Damn it!" I shoved my books to the ground and slammed my fists on my kitchen table. Tears flowed down my cheeks and hit the wooden surface "He was my best friend, he didn't deserve it! He didn't deserve to die!" My knees started to feel weak and gave out making me fall to the floor.

My gray eyes gazed around the room and landed on a gun, a gun that was sitting on my dresser. The gun that I was going to use to kill him. "T-That Bastard is going to die! And I'll make sure it's by my hand! I swear Erwin I will kill him! I'll kill him for you! Eren Jaeger be ready. I'm coming."


I walked into a bar and sat at the counter, "Aye Give me the strong stuff." I demanded, the bar tender nodded and poured me my drink, I sighed. Eren Jaeger hasn't been seen around here for 2 weeks, I need to find him and take him down. For Erwin. For Me. Just then Two girls walked into the bar

"What do you think those guys are gonna do to him?"

"I don't know, probably torture or kill him."

"Well if we didn't do anything, they would've killed us."

"True but why would criminals capture a criminal?"

I glanced at them, Criminal? I stood up and walked over to them "Where are they?" I asked, slamming my fist down next to them. They jumped in shock "B-By the a-alley next t-to Maria S-Shop." I clenched my fists and placed some money on the counter walking out the bar.

It has to be him, it has to. I made my way towards Maria Shop, when I arrived I heard some talking and hid behind a trash can "Man you gonna make us a lot of money." I peeked into the alley way and saw three guys. One I knew right away, it was Eren, Eren Jaeger. He was laying on the ground and was bleeding. The second guy was standing next to him with a smirk on his face, he started kicking Eren in the stomach, causing him to cough up blood.

"I should be doing that." I mumbled under my breath, the third guy was standing there going through a bag "Damn Eren, you got some valuable things in here." he said smiling. "Get out of my bag you bastard! Steal your own things!" Eren shouted with an angered expression. But the third guy just smiled and took a key out the bag, Eren's face expression changed.

"Look what we have here, isn't this the key to that warehouse? How'd you get your hands on this?" Eren smirked "Like Hell I'd tell you." he swept his foot under the guy's legs causing him to fall and hit his head on the cement ground. The other guy stood there in shock as Eren stood up "Don't. Ever. Kick. Me. Again." he kicked the guy in the cock and sent another kick to his face.

I took out my gun, this is my chance. I heard Eren laugh "You can come out now, jackass." I sat there in shock, he knew I was here? I stood up and aimed my gun at him, "Why'd you kill him!?" I shouted. He turned his head and his green blue eyes glared at me, "I don't kill." he stated. Bastard! He's lying! I know he killed Erwin! He was there! He's a criminal! "Stop Lying. I know you killed Erwin." His eyes grew wide "Erwin? Why would I kill him? I'm guessing you got there after everything happened." he sighed and started laughing, he took out a gun and aimed it at me "There's no way in Hell I'd ever kill him."


I heard someone yell out in pain and turned around to see a guy on the ground. His hand was covering his knee and blood stained his pants, I looked at Eren as he put his gun away "You really shouldn't be out here if you're not gonna keep your guard up." I glared at him, if he didn't kill Erwin....who did? "So, you gonna shoot me?" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at Eren, I can't kill him....at least not yet....I need answers first. I lowered my gun "I will kill you, but I need answers first." I stated, he smirked. "If it really came down to it, would you kill me?" I stood there not knowing what to say, I mean of course I'd kill him, since he killed Erwin.....but if he really didn't kill him, what reason is there for me to kill him?

"Tch, just come with me and don't try anything." I demanded, he laughed again "I won't do anything Dumbass, a friend of Erwin's is a friend of mine." I looked at him in shock "You're not Erwin's friend, he never once mentioned you!" I shouted, Eren glared at me "Do you really think you knew Erwin that well Levi?" What the hell!? How does he know my name!? "Listen here, if you wanna know who really killed Erwin then come with me." Eren picked up his bag and put all his stuff back in, as he started walking away.

"Do you really think you knew Erwin that well Levi?"

Those words echoed in my ear. Just who the hell does he think he is!? Of course I knew Erwin. I knew him more then anyone else! At least I think I did. "So you coming or not?" I glanced at Eren as he stood there with a smirk spread across his face.

"Yeah I'm coming."

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