If I Was Your Girl Book

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If I Was Your Girl


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"Hello, sister! It's been forever! so good to see u again! " 'Nicole! I thought u were dead'...... "Nicole! how nice is it to see u again! " '.... pretender! ' ... Nicole thought, Verona Lim is Nicole Lim's half sister. they grew together but deep down Verona hated Nicole for the death of her mom and swore to destroy her! Verona sets Nicole up and lures her in to her trap hoping that she will die but was saved by the handsome, charming CEO Derek Yoon. When Nicole comes back, will she be able to get her revenge? or will she be swayed by the truths and lies in her family? Let's read on! #Girlpower #Revenge #Romance #IWYG ?? Author's note: Most actions in this book are due to misinformation and ignorance. The story will progress slowly at first and then fall in place as time goes on! Thanks??