Idol's Persona: Alter Ego Book

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Idol's Persona: Alter Ego


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Content warning: Some chapters will cover on some sensitive subjects including abuse, suicide, and homicide. How can you save others without saving yourself? How can you prevent a terrible fate set for the seven members, full of dreams now shattered because of terrible events that only happened in a different universe? I woke up in a different reality, looked around my surroundings, and noticed that I'm in a familiar place. I'm not the same teenage Filipina. In fact, the person staring at me right now is someone different. That's when I realized, my mind brought me into a reality I never knew existed. A mission where I couldn't leave behind. This is where the true meaning of 7AD music videos came from. A reality that comes in their dreams. A story that inspired the well-known 7AD's universe, where even Reality lingers for the truth. A girl trainee guided by an idol for my debut. Through training, I slowly solve the mystery behind Gil's, Min Shi's, and Dong-Yul's fears in my dreams. An ability I possess in hopes that I would save them. A mission I cannot leave behind.