1 How generation evolves and forgetful abound their ancestors


There is a latent hatred for the title of Amir Kazi dynasty, to whom the Qazis are unnecessarily handcuffed, self-deprecating, suffering from severe financial crisis, but this family was not like that, in the previous generation of this family twenty people would eat together, only blood relatives. 25 people, non-relatives, the rest of the day laborers, people used to flock to Kazi Imani's house. A newly settled family from Kolkata has settled in this small town. Mr. Imani had an acquaintance with the Muslim League from the other side. He came here and joined, but on the other side he used to hold congress, communal riots changed everything, changed politics, changed maps, Mr. Imani moved with his family. In East Pakistan, it can be said in one garment.

But those who once got a taste of status can't easily forget it, so they re-arranged everything, like many reckless people, pushing so much in the new life, that many old aristocracy and morality were washed away in the waters of Padma Meghna.

The four boys in the pot are like that, I don't want to go into details. It's a long history, for a refugee family, so I have some tears of sympathy in my eyes. There is bleeding.

Mr. Imani fell ill, shortness of breath due to excessive tobacco consumption, asthma, lying in bed for five years, financial family decline, something else could have happened if he had been healthy, what do you say? More mobility, success, glory, prestige, dignity, power exercise?

Wouldn't someone of the third and fourth generation have been blessed with his favor and melted away to introduce him?