1 Ice and Fire Pt1

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Beep,Beep.The sound of the monitor roared through the room.Attached to that monitor a light brown haired girl laid."Is she going to be ok,Mr.Sanders"!A short,blonde hair girl exclaimed In tears."No,I can't lose you,not now".A dark hair guy spoke in tears.

"There has to be a way to save her.Right"!? A dark-skinned guy gave a worried expression."Well,there is one".A grey haired man spoke."What is it"!"Well-".


Hello?I guess your wondering what's going on right now.You see that girl laying in the bed attached to that monitor.Well,that's me.Hi,I'm Emily Miller,nice to meet ya.For any of this to make sense,let's go back to the beginning.Around one years ago.


May 12,2127

Monday 9:36pm

Emily's house


"Emily,Amy,come down stairs.We need to talk"!Her dad called with an worry expression on his face.Her mother with a face of despair."Coming".The two energetic girls raced downstairs."Yes dad".They exclaimed with smile.

Her dad took a sigh."We have some good news and some bad news".Her mother chimed.The girls gave a confused look."Well,good news.Were moving to a new house".Her mom gave a fake smile.

Her dad sighed."Bad news is,your mom isn't coming with us".He announced with a sad reaction.The girls stood in silence."I'm-I'm sorry".Jeremy whispered.

"Why".Amy whispered under her breath."We came to an agreement.that it be for the better".Carly muttered."You've been together for seventeen years.I thought you two loved each other.Why would you want to end that all.Why would you-"!Emily interrupts Amy and her tear filled face.

"Whatever".Emily spoke walking back upstairs.Amy look at Emily and back at her mom."Just leave already"!She yelled before returning back upstairs.

The mom fell to her knees,covering her face."This-s is al-l my f-ault".She struggles to get out."No it's not,this isn't anyone fault.Its just a misunderstanding.It's just out of the blue".The mom stood face full of tears.

"Face it Jeremy,they hate me.They always hated me.It was just a moment of time"!She yelled."They haven't always hated you,they love you,they still love you.They're just to young to understand".He yelled in return.

"Emily's fourteen,and Amy,she knows more things than she supposed to.I think they know very well".She crossed her arms and started to walk towards the stairs.

He grabbed her arm.She returned with a surprised look."And I know they don't,they aren't thinking straight.Their just emotional confused,pleases don't hate them.And they don't hate you".He reacted by embracing her tightly in his grasp.

A few seconds past and the two stood in silence."D-Don't do this,not now.Not here".She muttered hugging him back and crying."I love you to much,please,not now".She muttered even quieter.

Quietly from on the stairs,Emily and Amy sat.Amy sighed."Whatever".Emily whispered.


Two month later


"Alright girls,we're here".Jeremy called opening the car door."Woah"!Amy exclaimed."Your going to like this place".Jeremy replied picking her up on his neck and walking towards the door.

Emily sighed."Whatever".Emily muttered following them.

"Are you ready to see inside".Jeremy called as he inserted the key."Ya"!Amy hyped."Whatever".Emily spoke."Alrighty".Jeremy responded as he turned the key and opened the door.Inside,a huge white room."Cool"!Amy yelled hopping off his shoulders."This place is huge".Emily spoke.

"Your rooms are upstairs".The dad said covering his ears.The looked at each other and then back at their dad."OUR ROOMS.PURAL"!!They both screamed. The dad nodded.The girls gave there dad a hug and raced upstairs.

Jeremy let out a chuckle."Those are my girls".He whispered walking to his car.


3 weeks/5 days later

July 7,2127

Tuesday 7:39



"Emily,Wake up.It's time for school".Her dad whispered shaking her a little.


Her dad sighed."Dad,dad.Thats the wrong approach.like this".Amy talked down as she cleared her throat and took a deep breath."EMILY.WAKE UP.YOU'LL BE LATE".She screamed releasing a loud screech.

"Cheese cake"!Emily shouted from the loud awakening."There you go dad".Amy said patting her dad's shoulder and walking away.Jeremy sighed."Hurry and just get dressed for school".He spoke leaving the room.

"Crud".Emily exclaimed before rushing to the closet,Scurrying through it."Where the hell are my school pants"!She screamed in frustration."They were to small.Dad said he had to buy some more".Amy called walking past the door.

Emily froze."So that means".She spoke slowly turning towards her dresser."I have to where a".She stopped her sentence after coming faced to face with her dresser.There,a black skirt was laid out.Emily Groan in agony."I have to wear a skirt".She sighed.




"Backpacks"!?Jeremy called."Check"!Amy responded.

"Lunch's"!?He called."Check again"!Amy responded.

"Jackets"!?He called."Check again"!Amy responded.

"Your sister".He joked."Um"?Amy muttered.

"Sister checked,Pants not".Emily called from the stairs.Her dad sighed."Come on,it can't be that bad".Amy mocked.Emily groaned.She took a few steps down the stairs and stood in front of them."Aww,it's cute".Amy Exclaimed.Her dad patted her on the shoulder."See,it isn't that bad".He chuckled.

Emily crossed her arms and blushed."Oh whatever".She replied."Let's just go".She sighed walking out the door.Jeremy and Amy looked at each other and Shared a laugh."I can't wait to see this play out".Amy crosses her arms.

Jeremy grabbed his keys."Why does she hate skirts anyway".He baffled.Amy sighed."Because she thinks it's to"Girly"or something like that".She explained.The dad nodded."Alright,let's go before your late"."Right"!They exclaimed.


At school


"Enjoy your first day of school".Her dad waved."Bye"!Amy called out.Emily sighed and waved as their dad drove away.

The two girls started walking inside."This school is nice".Amy spoke pulling the straps on her backpack.Emily shrugged."I guess you can say that".She responded."Well elementary this way so peace".Amy said walking away.

Emily nodded.She continued to walk.Although,as she walked around,she was watched by a group of guys who gave whispers and whistles.It really got on her nerves.

"This is exactly why I didn't want to wear a skirt.Now boys are staring.Boys are so annoying".She thought to herself.

"Hey,stop it"!A cry for help from around the corner.Emily rushed over to check it out.Once there she saw three girls pushing another girl.The girls laughed."Your such a little bitch,Williamson".A girl gave out an evil laugh."A baby like you couldn't last a day here".Another girl yelled.

"Ya,um,loser".The last girl stuttered."Really Eva"."Thats the best you can do".The two girls called out."Sorry,I'm not used to it".She sighed."Whatever,let's continue-".

She was interrupted by Emily running over."Hey,leave her alone"!She scalded.The three girls gave her a look in silence and then burst out laughing.

Emily crossed her arms."Whats so funny".She questioned.

The girls looked at each other."You must not know who we are".The third girl chuckled and walked behind her."She has to be new if she hasn't heard of us".the second girl chimed in."So what if I am".Emily scoffed.

"Psst,new girl.What are you doing.Everyone knows not to mess with them".The fallen girl whispered."Who even are they".Emily replied.

The girls gave an evil laugh."I'm Brittany".The first girl called."I'm Ari".The second called."And I'm Eva".The third called.

Emily grin."Great I know your names,now what,am I supposed to be scared".Emily gave a light laugh."Together we're the BAE's".Ari crosses her arms."The toughs girls in school".Eva claimed.

Emily sighed and rolled her eyes.Brittany slowly encloses on Emily with a sly grin and an evil glare in her eyes."Take this as a warnings.Don't get in our way,or there'll be trouble".Brittany gave a toxic look.

Emily snapped."Ya,there will be.And I'd hate to be on your side of it,cause girl will you regret it".Emily returned the toxic stare.Brittany scoffed."Whatever,let's go girls".She clapped as she walked away.The other girls Followed.

Emily sighed.Then,all of a sudden she was shocked to clapping of the other students.She was stunned but then began to help the fallen girl up.The fallen girl gazed at Emily with amaze."Wow,that was incredible".She gazed."Oh,uh.I didn't really do anything".Emily muttered.

"You've done more than you think".She spoke."The whole school is scared of them.Even some of the "Tough boy" are aswell and you just stuck up to them like it was nothing".The girl rambled.

"Well,thanks?".Emily replied confused.The girl put her hands behind her back."Hi,my name is Susie.Susie Williamson".She smiled.Emily grinned."Well,my name is Emily.Emily Miller.Nice to meet".She responded.

"Thanks for earlier by the way".Susie thanked."No problem.If those girls every mess with you again.Just call me,got it".Emily replied with a thumbs up.Susie blushed."T-thanks".She called back.

The two girls giggled.Susie let out a sigh.But all of a sudden.A gust of wind blew and flustered Emily skirt."Huh"!Emily exclaimed face red pushing her skirt down."Oh".Susie caught herself saying.

Susie began to blush."I-I'm sorry".She stuttered."Sorry?Sorry for what"?Emily wondered.Susie covered her mouth."I'm sorry,I've said to much"!Susie squealed running away.

"Wait..man,what's up with her"?Emily muttered to herself.Right after the school bells rang."I'll focus on her another time.Right now,it's time for class".She spoke walking away.


During Class


"Man,this is boring.Why is time moving so slow.What time even is it".

Emily thought to herself.Suddenly,she felt a tap on her shoulder.She turned and saw a brown hair girl with hazel eyes.Emily took a sec and then responded."H-Hi".She muttered."Your name is Emily right".She asked.

Emily took another sec but nodded in return."Why do you ask"?She responded."I'm Ally,nice to meet ya".She held out her hand."N-nice to meet you too".Emily returned with a smile.

Ally gave a grin."I heard your the one who stuck it up to that pain Brittany over there".She pointed across towards Brittany who was fiddling with her nails."Ya,what if I am"."So what if I am!Your a freaking legend.No one has ever stood up to her and her goons".Ally exclaimed.

Emily gave a sigh."Really"?She responded."Well,there was a guy named terry who tried once"."What happened to him"."No one knows.Rumor says she did something to him so evil he ended moving out of town".Ally replied receiving a shiver down her spine.

"Oh".Emily released with a gasp."What if I'm next"!She spoke in fear.She began to look back at Brittany,who suddenly looked as well and gave her an evil glare.Ally released a sigh.

"Girl.Don't panic now.You already stood up to her,it's too late now.She's your rival".Ally spoke patting her shoulder.Emily gave a look of destress.


After Classes


Emily and ally both begin walking down the hall.But as their walking,once again guys were staring."Man these guys are annoying".Emily crossed her arms."Tell me about it,their game sucks".Ally agreed.The two girls shared a laugh.


Before they knew it.A guy pinned Emily to the wall."Hey let go of her-".Ally tried calling out but was also pinned."Hey their sweetie pie".The Guy gave a cheeky wink causing Emily to blush heavily.Ally scoff.

"Wow,very smooth".Ally mock rolling her eyes in the process.The other guy chuckled."oh, so you don't like cute little nicknames".He gave a sly grin."Don't even try it".She raged trying to break free."Oh no.I'm not gonna lose a sexy snack like yourself".He whispered into her ear.She also began to blush heavily.

"Help"!Emily called out."No ones gonna-".He got cut off by someone turning him around and clobbering him right in jaw.The three gasped."I hate assholes like you".A dark haired guy spoke."Hey whats your problem".The other guy called letting go of Ally.

The dark haired guy grinned."Coming out of your mouth.Thats funny".He mocked."How about you Shut your-".He was cut off by the other guy holding out his hand."Thats alright".He spoke standing.

Both gave each other a stare.The first guy signaled to to the other as he walked away."This isn't over".The second guy called.The dark haired guy sighed and turned to the girls.They nodded.

He grinned."Thank me later".He gave a wink.They blushed.Ally crosses her arms."Dummy".She muttered."What was that".Leaned forward."I said your a dummy James"!She Crossed her arms.

He chuckled again."Thats not the way you should talk to the person who saved you".He mocked."Whatever".She scoffed.

Emily stood in silence with a confused look.James smiled."And who may this lovely ladies be".James spotted over to Emily.She blushed.And looked away with a smile.

"Her name is none of your business".Ally stood in front her.James sighed."No need to be rude Ally,I just wanted to know the name of the lovely lady I saved.Which,I've yet to get a thank you".He mocked turning away.

Ally laugh."And your never getting it".She called out."Ally"!Emily spoke walking over to James.Ally stood in shock.James watch as she walked towards him."Thank you for saving us".She smiled as she played with her hair.

James blushed."N-no problem".He muttered.The two gaze deep into each other's eyes.They had a solid silent stare which stared to annoy Ally.She gave out a groan."All right love birds break it up".She called standing between them.

"L-l-love birds"!Emily exclaimed."Heh,sorry bout that".James chuckled.Emily face turned red once again."Honestly Ally,Just cause I start showing interest in another girl doesn't mean you have to be jealous".He teased with grin on his face.

Ally face turned bright red."Grr,I'm gonna kill you"!"Look like I have to go,bye Emilyyyy".James yelled retreating as a very angry ally followed behind.Emily giggled.


The sound the school bells rang signaling Emily it was time to go home.She gave a smile as she walked over to the main entrance of the school."Emily"!Her little sister Amy called rushing over.

Emily sighed."Hurry up you little goblin".She spoke walking outside the building along with her sister trailing behind.On the way home the two talked and talked and talked about their day at school.

"A boy"!Emily shouted.Amy looked away with a blush."Y-yea,he's nice and sweet and smart-".Amy rumbled."Aw,I'm so proud of you.You found a boy".Emily patted Amy on her shoulder."So what does he look like".She asked."Well-".Amy starts talking.


Emily bumped into an older man,causing them to drop both their bags."Oh,sorry young lady".The old man responded."No,that's my fault".Emily awkwardly laugh.The two picked up their bags."Don't worry,she'll watch where shes going next time".Amy teased.

Emily stuttered."S-shut up".She blushed.The old man chuckled and walked away.

Amy laughed."Wow,your so clumsy".She teased again.Emily crossed her arms and started walking.

"Whatever".She thought.

As they arrive home Emily heads straight to her room."you'll need to tell me more about that boy later".Emily whispered to Amy.Amy blushed and walked away.

Once Emily got to her room she threw her bag on a chair.And plotted herself on to her bed."Man today's been weird".She sighed."I guess I should get started on that homework".She told herself reaching for her bag.

As she opened her bag,instead of being welcome by homework.She spotted a jar containing a white glow in it."What is this".She questioned.She cautiously opens the jar.

"Huh,nothing happened-".She was interrupted by the white glow flying around her room.Bouncing from every corner in every direction."What is that thing.She screamed.

Finally the white glow came to a stop and started floating In one spot.She carefully approached it."What are you"?She questioned.

There was silence."You definitely aren't my biology homework".She sighed again walking towards it."Stay,stay".She slowly closed into it.

She slowly reached out and touched."It doesn't seem that bad".She whispered.

She then grabbed it."So...What do I-".She was cut off by a bright white flash.

She let out a screech."Whoa,Emily you ok"!Her dad and sister busted open the door.There,they saw Emily sitting in the middle of the room.Tables,chairs,pillows and shoes were scattered around the place.

"A-are you ok,honey"?He asked.Emily blushed."Uh.Y-yea,I'm fine".She gave an awkward laugh."It's like a storm came through here".Amy laughed."No,everything is fine.Now get out".She called picking up pillows.

"O....k".The two quietly walked away.Emily sighed."Look at this places".She exclaimed.

"Well at least that white light is gone".Emily thought to herself as she walked over to her mirror.As she looked into the mirror,she noticed something.

"Huh"!?She exclaimed as she watched hers eyes go from brown to light blue and her hair show white stripes.

"What's going on"!!


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